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Old 03-05-2019, 12:44 PM
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Looking for Seed

Okay guys, I need some help.

I'm trying to find some seed for my fids and maybe I'm just being too picky, but I'm really having trouble finding stuff that checks all the boxes.

I need two different mixes probably, since I have big guys and the littles. I have no problem buying two different kinds, but I don't know if I want to go as far as to get every individual seed type separately and mix it myself. They don't get that much seed, their base diet is fresh foods and pellet, seed is just a supplement for variety and added fats.

I don't want the mix to have peanuts, sunflower seeds, or pellets in it. The last one is one of the biggest issues with the seed mixes for my two bigger fids. It seems like larger parrot seed mixes always like to throw pellets in there. They already have pellets, thank you very much.

I also want it to be good seed, that isn't over $100 for a 10 lb bag. (My credit card started whimpering while I was looking online today). I'm sure many of you know what I mean by good seed. The kind where you open it and it smells good, not dusty like it's been sitting in the bag for 3 years in the corner of a warehouse forgotten.

Can anyone help me? Or am I just asking too much?

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Scott  (03-05-2019)
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Old 03-05-2019, 12:58 PM
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Re: Looking for Seed
You can search by parrot type and read the ingredients on each mix they offer

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Old 03-05-2019, 01:02 PM
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Looking for Seed

I like Leach Grains Royal Seeds. None of their mixes check ALL those boxes but that has been by far my favorite brand as far as content, variety, and being affordable, and having lower concentrations of the seeds I prefer to avoid. I also like that the mixes with peanut are HULLED PEANUT. Aspergillosis, the big scary fungus that has us all hiding from peanuts, grows on the SHELL, not the nut. I also don’t like paying for more hulls than necessary so I like that they also Hull the sunflower in some of their mixes.

I would get a bag of the Large Hookbill Cuisine and a bag of the Small Hookbill Plus and mix them. I loved the fruit and spice content, and so did my birds.

The thing is that shipping is insane. But if you can find a local distributor it works out really well.

I currently get my seed delivered by a family business that mixes their own seeds. If you want to design your own mix they might be willing to do it for you. You are outside their delivery range, but if you are willing to pay shipping it might be exactly what you are looking for their mixes are under $2/lb and if you want their contact info just go ahead and PM me (Facebook would be better than here) and I’ll give you their info

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Old 03-05-2019, 01:26 PM
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Re: Looking for Seed

Those are the ones I give Willow for treats/ training.

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Scott  (03-05-2019)
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Old 03-05-2019, 01:55 PM
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Re: Looking for Seed

I used to purchase seed from Magnolia Bird Farm in the Los Angeles area. They pack a huge quantity and variety of seed mixes in their adjacent warehouse. Driving was reasonable for me, AFAIK they process mail order as well. One can also purchase individual items to blend your own. Magnolia site: Home

Freezing is a great option to preserve goodness, though I understand your prime concern is freshness from the source.
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Old 03-05-2019, 02:38 PM
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Re: Looking for Seed

Neither of mine have sunflower or peanuts in them - both are from TOPS. I like the way they smell and I tend to store them in the freezer since I don’t feed much seed.

I like Napoleon Seed mix from TOPs for my conures and cockatiel. I feed it dry or soaked.

I also feed the conures this one which is for larger birds.
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