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nyurch 03-15-2011 06:53 PM

Just got my green cheek's wings clipped!
Hi, my name is Natasha and this is my first post, although I am a long time reader. I've been having trouble with Mickey:green:, my love and my green cheek. He's been molting for a bit less than a month and he has been a terrorist. Wouldn't let me near him, and when I came around to spend time with him, he'd shred his toys as if he was saying "stay away, or this is what I'll do to you." I never gave up on him though, he's my lovie.. So- this morning I took him to the vet to get his wings trimmed and his nails cut down (I don't want any resentment, so I let my vet do it..) but my vet couldn't cut 3 flight feathers on his one wing since they weren't grown completely. I believe that he cut them too short- and now my poor Micks plummets.. bad. He has been flying for sometime now (too long I know)- he was even trained for "shower" which he'd fly into his shower perch and fly out when the shower was over. But, wierd thing is that since I brought Mickey back from the vet, he's a new bird- stepping up without biting, chirping as soon as I walk in the room, and nestling on my shoulder- the things he wouldn't do since he started molting- so today has been a complete 360 for Mickey- I'm just scared for him and his lack of flight. It seems he does not want to believe that his wings are clipped so he keeps trying to fly.. and I cannot keep him locked in his cage. Will he figure out soon that he has to walk everywhere or should I just keep a dozen pillows handy when he's out? Thank you everyone!:41:

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