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Old 04-29-2018, 01:03 PM
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Re: Aspiring parront with a question...

Hello and welcome!

I will throw my two cents in, for what it's worth. I don't think there is a reliable difference between temperaments of male and female parrotlets. I used to breed parrotlets before I lost all my babies in a tragic accident. Even in my breeder pairs, sometimes the males were the sweeter half of the pair, and sometimes the females were. I will say, and some say it's folklore but I found it to be somewhat true, that the American Yellow mutation tends to produce the most mellow birds. They were always my favorite.

I would highly suggest going to the Amazon subforum and reading the stickies at the top. You can substitute "Parrotlet" everywhere it says "Amazon" perfectly. Parrotlets have personalities very similar to their larger Amazon cousins, and if you ask them, they ARE Amazons! They are amazing, wonderful, loving birds and make great companions if you take the time to work with them and understand them.

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rosieonfire (04-29-2018)
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Old 04-30-2018, 12:46 PM
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Re: Aspiring parront with a question...

Quote: Originally Posted by Inger View Post
Iím so happy I could help. I have no idea if there is a difference in temperament between males and females, and even with a general answer, birds are individuals so who knows.

Your training plans sound good. If you havenít already, find FlockTalk on YouTube. She is fantastic and Iíve trained Bumble easily using her techniques.

I do think that if you train it to ring a bell to be let out, the bell will just ring nonstop. Birds are flock animals and they want to be with their flock, which is you. As long as itís safe (I am home, dog isnít here, Iím not cooking, doors arenít open, no little kids visiting) Bumble is out of her cage until bedtime.

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Yeah I LOVE flocktalk, that girl really has a talent in training animals. I've watched alot of her training vids. I'm lucky in that my mom actually has a masters in behavior analysis so while she definitely doesn't specialize in animals I do have a behavior expert I can talk to about training methods and problem behaviors!

I love the idea of letting baby birdy have relatively free range around the house. My problem is that my boyfriend has a dog who has a moderately high prey drive and she is always here in the apartment so I'm gonna have to have a really close eye on her at all times. I'd just rather she rung a bell when she wants out than scream, although I'm sure she'll be out and about with me more or less all the time that I'm home

Thanks for the great advice and the kind words everyone! I really cant wait to get my parrotlet.
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Old 04-30-2018, 01:26 PM
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Re: Aspiring parront with a question...

Oh yeah dog and bird out together is a no. Itís just asking for a tragedy, no matter how many cute pics you see on Facebook. They should always be separated by a closed door.

And good news: parrotlets donít scream. They physically canít. When I get home and Bumble thinks I should let her out, she says peep peep peep peep peep in this tiny cute voice which ALWAYS works even when I think Iím going to leave her in to get something done!

That doesnít mean they canít make plenty of noise, but itís usually inspired by another sound-often crinkling plastic bags or bells. Bumble is relatively quiet all the time EXCEPT

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