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SolKale 04-28-2019 08:52 PM

Updates on Koda
Hello hello everyone! I posted last December/January about my red bellied Koda and how he was progressing. And I have more good news!

I've had Koda for about four months now. He's a completely different bird from when I brought him home. Vocal, snuggly, full of personality. He makes kissy noises and clicks and dances, and he spoke before but he has started to speak in my voice some (he has a robotic, garbly voice normally but he sometimes says things in a higher pitch that is clearly an attempt to mimic me :18:).

We have the understanding now that his cage is his house and my hands are not welcome in it if the intent is to take him out but I can move toys, feed him etc and he doesn't mind. He usually comes out on his own but if I need to take him out I stick a little perch in there and he comes out no problem.

As far as interactions with other people, he has a respectful relationship with some of my friends, e.g. if I initiate the switch between hands he'll step up and sit on their shoulder. Touching and head scratches are reserved for me only with him but he doesn't mind hanging out with other people so long as I stay close. That's better than I'd hoped for with how shy he was when I brought him home. My "bird mom" at the local store loves him and she's the only other person he allows to snuggle him. And he doesn't hate my boyfriend, which is fantastic, although he does his best to keep my attention on him.

I recently accepted an internship position in California for 6 months starting in July and Koda will be making the trip out there with me. Had an interesting conversation with a leasing office the other day--apparently they allow birds, but I'm the first person who's asked about it! It's unfortunate more people don't have feathery friends.

I've included some more recent pictures of myself and Koda as well! Thanks so much again for all your help when I first brought him home!


charmedbyekkie 04-28-2019 10:15 PM

Re: Updates on Koda
That's so great to hear your guys' relationship is progressing :)

He looks like quite a quirky character (and btw, I LOVE how your make-up matches his colouring!!)

Scott 04-29-2019 06:35 PM

Re: Updates on Koda
Congratulations on accepting an internship in California. Bonus Koda is welcome - assume the leasing office is reference to lodging? July through December offers some of California's best weather, so enjoy!

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