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WideO 10-22-2019 06:35 AM

He's getting leaner, should I worry?
Oscar was always a bit chubby before. The vet said he had tiny love handles heheh.

Lately, I can see he's getting leaner. He's 6 now. He is absolutely happy, sweet. Strong. Alert. When I let him out, he flies a lot more, and less panting afterwards too. He's always moving, doing something when he's not napping. He eats like an elephant. A strand of cooked spaghetti (I know I know...) is handled in 5 seconds - lets it glide through one paw, it's a miracle how he does it. His normal food is always half eaten (we give way too much) every day.

Shreds wooden toys like they are made of fine paper. So his behaviour is better/more active than ever. He seems like a truly happy bird, especially since I calmed down too (see other thread...). Our latest new game is nosy nosy, where we bump nose/beak through the bars several times. He's extremely careful when he does that, shy even. I thank him and he starts to regurgitate (so I have to back off and calm him down heheh).

Should I worry? Is it just he's getting healthier instead of there something being wrong? His feathers are perfect, he is not nervous, still looks like a monster when he puffs up. But he's leaner, and probably closer to the weight that is normal for male Senegals. (he was 40 grams overweight 3 years ago)

My wife doesn't notice much difference, but I do. Can they be happy/active/funny/talking and still be ill? Am I worrying about nothing? Or would it be a good idea to take him to the vet for a checkup (and get laughed out of the consultation room...)?

Thank the heavens I never got kids, I'd be in the ER all day heheh.

Jen5200 10-22-2019 08:40 AM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
It sounds like he is flying more than he used to, which often makes them a bit leaner. It never hurts to get a checkup if something has changed for them - if nothing else, it sets your mind at ease. I’ve taken my birds in because something felt different....haven’t been laughed at yet :)

18WheelsOfSteel 10-22-2019 08:49 AM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
As a general rule, I like sleeping soundly at night whenever possible, things like worrying over pets have a bad habit of keeping me up nights, so I do whatever needs doing to ease those fears, vet visits are cheap insurance compared to tragic results, perhaps not always on the wallet, but certainly on the mind and conscience.

WideO 10-22-2019 09:00 AM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
Yeah... I hear ya. It's that they are so good in hiding their weakness/illness. Sneaky little buggers!

I'll go to the vet. I'm lucky to live 1 mile from a vet who is specialized in birds, and gets visitors/patients from surrounding countries even as he has a stellar reputation.

He did laugh at me last time (OK, with me, it was hilarious) when I brought him in for coughing. Apparently... parrots don't cough. He was doing my wife's cough, for fun. I felt stupid, but you can't know everything, right! :D

Peace of mind is always worth more than a couple of thousand grand in the end...

On the phone now...

Laurasea 10-22-2019 09:01 AM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
You need a kitchen gram scale , Walmart, Amazon , 14-2o bucks. Then get a notebook keep with the scale and track weights. Will give you a lot of piece of mind. :) I put a sturdy dish with seeds on scale zero it, then plop a bird on. But you should know it's normal for weight to vary from day to day by a few grams. And you should weigh at the same time every day that you weigh. You aee a good parront, I have to talk myself down worries about birdies too

WideO 10-22-2019 09:12 AM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
Yeah, have a scale like that, but he's... a smart bird and knows how to not get on it LOL. Will try again a few times.

I have an appointment in 2 hours (30 minutes was possible too, but too early for me). What a luxury eh! It's never bad to have them checked. As you may know we just lost our cat (old age, but still...), so I'm jumpy right now, this way I can put my mind at ease. I noticed my last visit was 11 months ago, so why not.

Lab was seen by the vet last Friday, doing great for 13.5 years, had some more injections to muscle up a bit, some more stuff, he's doing just fine. So quick trip and a few bucks and (hopefully) I'll be 100% up to date pet-wise.

dhraiden 10-22-2019 11:10 AM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
It's not a bad idea to occasionally record his weight, to keep track of as one indicator of health.

WideO 10-22-2019 12:39 PM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
Um... um... so... yeah... he's about 110% healthy. LOL

There is absolutely nothing wrong, everything is perfect. Maintains his nails and beak on his own, all good, perfect shape/size. Heart rate good. Been looked at and prodded inside & out, squealed like a pig when he had to take him in his towel. Fresh stool sample etc, all normal. No parasites or other critters anywhere. Eyes 100% clear. Feathers perfect and actually looking beautiful. Fought very hard, tried to rip the thingy they put in his beak to pieces, he does not give in...

But 3 minutes later in his cage he was "coughing" again, making his usual sounds, asking to be petted. Vets were pretty surprised how quickly he "came down". He didn't want to talk yet, but that would have been crazy anyway. But I talked to him the whole way up, drove very carefully, he was absolutely OK in the car - same on the trip home. Asked "ANY NEWS?" :D

Oh, and the kicker? He had gained 10 grams since last time (11 months ago). He's now at 180 grams (even though he looks lean, I don't get it but who's complaining!) which is quite a bit for a male Senegal. No fat though. Could be bone structure maturing, muscle...

They (vet + assistant) were impressed... I had brought one of my drum sticks. I play the drums, and the stick has always been an excellent tool to "handle" him. Asked him to step up in the cage, he stepped up in 1 sec. Wandered to the round "brush-type" thing (never seen that before) that is the scale, asked him to step off: stepped off. Waited until I asked to step up again... damn son, you did me proud heheheheh. :D

So yeah, I was over-sensitive. They understood completely with the cat gone, and reminded me Oscar is surely mourning too. The cat was part of his family after all, his flock.

I will sleep soundly tonight...;)

charmedbyekkie 10-22-2019 12:42 PM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
Woohoo!! Always good to hear good news from the vet, especially to reassure you that he's 110% on track! Kudos to you :)

Jen5200 10-22-2019 03:28 PM

Re: He's getting leaner, should I worry?
Worth every cent to know that he’s healthy and happy! Peace of mind is worth a lot of cents :)

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