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Old 12-22-2020, 08:33 PM
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Re: Advice on biting Quaker

Buy everything you are sharing, you have a great parrot, who is very interested in being part of the family , and likes you all.

But sometimes, not always, after a honeymoon period. They will want to test you a little, and might act out a little. Don't let that throw you, or get upset. If it happens ride it out with humor, and calm firmness. It usually passes quickly and then they are firmly part of the family, and know the family rules and boundaries..I just mentioned it because some people can get upset, wonder what happened , and over react, abd banish the burd to the cage. This testing doesn't always happen, but if it does its just part of them learning how to fit in. Don't let it rock your boat. Parrots are excellent at reading us!! Its best always to keep humor in mind. I've caused my burds to pissed at me, and the quickest way to turn it around is humor, sometimes an apology. They absolutely understand an apology. But if tgey are stomping around with crown feathers raised and beak open ready to bite, im like really, its the end ,of the world now?; you ready to move out? They take their cue from me, and calm down, like well I guess its not that bad after all.
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clark_conure Supporting Member (12-22-2020)
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Old 12-25-2020, 01:05 AM
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Re: Advice on biting Quaker

I've noted if I wear a pullover and pull the cuffs over my hands I can get my quaker to step up more easily and is much less afraid.
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Old 02-22-2021, 06:44 PM
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Re: Advice on biting Quaker

If I offer a finger to Nimbus to step on the first thing he will do is bite possibly even hiss at me. He may step on after that or more likely he will bite again or smack his beak against it (More likely). If I offer the back of my hand he will stop on no problem. My Kakariki will only step onto the back of my hand.

My personal theory is that the finger is confusing to them. A branch or dowel the same thickness as a finger is much sturdier and so steeping onto a finger doesn't feel as secure as it should so it's hard to trust. The back of the hand or forearm isn't going to move under the weight of a smallish parrot as much as a finger so it feels more stable. Just my view on it anyway.
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