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Old 10-11-2018, 06:44 AM
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Re: Adopting parrots in 20's

Quote: Originally Posted by Sharaharris View Post
Does anyone have an price advice on adopting older birds? I’ve found a 28 year old male citron cockatoo that I’m going to meet soon. The current owner has only had him a year and says he’s been great with her but previous life is unknown. I’ve done lots of research about cockatoos before deciding to jump on this train. I’m home and have lots of available time to spend with a bird. But my question is this....if i meet Him and we click and he appears to be healthy and well mannered what is a reasonable price? I know how long they CAN live but I also know how much that can depend on diet. I don’t mind spending a lot of money on a too but I’m nervous to bring home an older one without knowing that it will be around a while still.
This would depend greatly on where you live, how popular or rare this particular species is there and how much you love the bird.

How much less a rescue costs VS a baby (within reason) shouldn't be a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing to adopt a companion you will most likely have the rest of your life. 28 isn't too old for a cockatoo. Parrots live as long as humans so it is worthwhile to invest in the right bird even if he costs a little more than another individual you don't connect as much with (provided you like this bird, of course). Avian vet care has made leaps and bounds in how they treat age and diet related diseases, should he have any. Most 28 year old parrots who've been reasonably well cared for should have no health issues at all though. You could also request the owners take him to an avian vet for a checkup first at your expense as a condition of sale. Also consider, if money is a huge factor to you, parrots are expensive pets. Not just the initial investment of buying the bird, the cage, all the cage accessories etc... they are expensive day to day. The bigger the bird, the bigger the upkeep costs as well. And if you're the type who always wants a deal, maybe emphasize how much you like the bird and connect with him and see if they'd take 15-20% lower than their asking price and see if they'll accept or counter. If not, don't walk if you genuinely like the bird though. Not worth missing out on the perfect companion!

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Old 10-11-2018, 08:50 AM
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Re: Adopting parrots in 20's

I think it was Noodles who recommended going to and reading the good, the bad and the ugly about Cockatoos. Before considering adopting a Cockatoo of any age, please read what is on this site. Go to the Cockatoo forum on this site and read what people are saying. It takes a very special, experienced person to live with a Cockatoo and give it a happy, healthy life. It's like caring for an autistic toddler that is louder, more destructive and possibly a danger to you and others. No daycare either. It's all on you.
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Old 10-11-2018, 10:31 AM
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Re: Adopting parrots in 20's

I forgot to add earlier but there's an additional thing to remember with a large cockatoo. That beak is tough, and if you were to even accidentally do something that flies a Too into a rage they can very easily send you into surgery.

I met a lady just over a year ago who had a mollocun I believe, from when it was a baby. She did all she could and when puberty happened it happened hard. The result of this lady making a wrong move at that time was 8 hours in surgery having her face put back together. It's a risk you need to live with living with an animal like that. People talk and confirm about how beaks are tools and used for communicating and playing and such, but when needed that beak can be and will be a weapon.

And don't think we're trying to push you away from the idea of it, we want you to be aware of what you're jumping into because the last we want to see is yourself lose out on your money and have a horrible time and we don't want this bird to be bounced around again. It's simply not fair on them to do so, like said above they're like an autistic 5 year old and this one has been abandoned now multiple times by their family. Psychologically they are not going to be in a good place and be it through screams, bites or scratches you're gonna find out about it
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Re: Adopting parrots in 20's

I believe Citrons sell in a range of $1500-1800 in my area. Add to that the cost of an oversized cage stocked with a variety of toys and a well-check from a certified avian vet. (unless your prospective bird comes with cage)

Purchase cost is somewhat mitigated by the potentially extraordinarily long life of a parrot. Vet bills, upgraded cages, toys, and a healthy diet far exceed the price of admission!

Age may or may not be a factor. Many cockatoos have been shuttled among multiple homes, carrying baggage and often scars from negative experiences. If you find one that "clicks" or chooses you, much can be overcome.
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Old 10-11-2018, 03:24 PM
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Re: Adopting parrots in 20's

I think with every parrot in their 20s you must interact and work with them to assess them. I was not fearful of Buddy, at the time not smart on my part since he is an Amazon. He accepted me so quickly. I think his circumstances drove that but now we are bonded. Even bonded, if he doesn’t want to do something out of fear, he will beak and pressure bite me. No injury I tell him “Ow” and he releases, no skin breakage.

We shower together, that’s a bond, and he hogs the water, but showering together is a great bonding activity, even though he repeatedly slaps me in the face with his wings and screams enjoyment in my ear. It makes me smile, lol.

I recently got an Amazon Echo and when I leave I put music on. Buddy AND Buzz (my CAG), have been sharing new things. Again, both are treasure chests, I’m still working on finding keys to open those chests.

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