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Old 01-20-2016, 01:42 PM
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Exclamation Taming young IRN

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Hello, im new to forum, im Senad (19) and before 1.5 months i got myself a young green IRN (i will maybe post some pictures later on). This bird was not kept alone in cage inside the shop but outside on the open in the bigger cage with its parents and 2 siblings.
So when i got her home of-course it was everything new for her, so i gave her a month to settle on and to get to know me. After one month i let her outside the cage until she is back for food, then i close the cage.

the main thing im posting this right now is:
-because bird is very afraid of me : every time i want to change its food and water it becomes very panic for her and she begins to clap her wings and run all around cage making mess and stuff
: when she is outside she plays with pens and some other mine thing but she always run away from me.
So what to do, WOULD IT MAYBE me a bad thing to grab a bird with my gloves and just hold her in hand maybe 30 minutes every day or something like that. BECAUSE bird like this is untrainable, TY
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Old 01-20-2016, 09:05 PM
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Re: Taming young IRN

Every Parrot can be tamed no matter where it came from im sure this method will work wonders for you.

I have a way to get Mango used to hands and not be afraid.You can try this with your birds if they are not yet tame.If your bird takes treats from you then you don't need to leave the room as a reward you can just use treats when your bird calms down.

Items needed:Clicker,A bird,Patience

Step 1: Show the bird that good things come when they hear the click this could be leaving the room.

Step 2:Find out how far you can go into your birds cage until it goes mad.

Step 3:Put your hand near the cage and wait for the bird to calm down and click and leave the room.Do this for about 5-10 minutes each day until you get closer and closer to the bird that he is no longer scared of your hands
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Old 01-20-2016, 11:47 PM
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Re: Taming young IRN

Definitely do not grab her or otherwise force her! No bird is untrainable but you will ruin any trust she has in you by forcing her to be held. Forcibly holding her for 30 minutes per day will likely stress her to the point her immune system is compromised and you could really hurt her health. You wouldn't be teaching her to accept handling but just terrifying her. Imagine some strange giant creature picked you up and pinned you in its hand for a half hour every day - you definitely wouldn't want to make friends at that point. You'd be worried about being its lunch.

Can you change her food and water out while she is out of the cage? You don't want her to panic and flutter around. When she gets like that, you have crossed the threshold with her and scared her - think of it like a flight zone with livestock. She is comfortable with you when you are a certain distance away but once you cross that invisible line, she is threatened and will panic. You want to decrease that distance without ever causing her to panic. When you cause her fear, you will increase that distance. Make sense?

I would spend time far away from her cage quietly reading, watching tv or whatever else you can think of. When you let her out of the cage, respect her space and use that time to clean the cage, change food and water, etc. Don't chase her around or "herd" her, and definitely don't let her out unless you can wait for her to go back by herself. Eventually, she will see that you are not a threat and you will be able to get closer to her. Then you can work on giving her treats. Maybe at first you will have to set them on the floor a few feet away, but eventually you can work up to her taking treats from your hand or through the cage bars. From there you will have built a lot of trust and can work towards handling her. It could take months to get to that point but there really are no shortcuts. Forcing a wild prey animal like your bird only instills fear and ruins any possibility of building trust.
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