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Han_e 05-03-2017 05:06 AM

HELP, nightmare IRN bluffing
Hi all, I'm new to the forum:) last Thursday we got our first IRN, she is 6 months old and has been hand reared. The lady we got her from warned that she is going through the bluffing stage right now which was fine, BUT the last 3 days she's turned super nasty towards myself (not so much hubby tho) I go near the cage and she lunges at me weather she's in her cage or on her cage!! Every now and then she'll step up onto my hand but then will just latch on, I have several bandaids on from her!! :17: I've read to just ignore this stage and the biting etc, but has anyone got any info or tips or insight to this stage for me?? I really want her to love me haha!! I've tried treats when she's being gentle and not nasty but still nothing!!! HELP:confused: :green2:

Lacewing 05-03-2017 06:59 AM

Re: HELP, nightmare IRN bluffing
First one need earn the trust of the new bird. This can take many months or in some cases years. Apparently this young bird has learned that she can control what humans do by biting. I suggest you back off from her and let her get comfortable in her new surrounds. One baby step at a time is a good way to begin earning her trust. Do not give her the opportunity to bite you. One can perch train a bird with lots of treats. Always reward her good behavior with what ever treats she responds to. Just because this bird was hand fed does not mean she will not bite.

Scott 05-03-2017 09:46 AM

Re: HELP, nightmare IRN bluffing
Doris is still within the "honeymoon" phase in your home. It is generally best to let a new bird become familiar with your family and surroundings. There are many techniques to ease the introduction, though bonding with specific humans is not something very scientific. It is possible Doris will prefer your husband, though there are ways of encouraging better behaviors to all in the household! A few threads of interest:

As far as the beak is concerned, this thread is a favorite even though it is geared toward macaws. The fundamentals are universal!

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