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Old 12-01-2017, 08:51 PM
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Time management with birds?

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I am currently a college student with three birbies. I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to give my birds adequate attention when I get a job. How do you all do it?

Do you work at home? Have a partner to care for them? Let them play together without supervision? One of my birds is very attached to me, so I would feel bad leaving him (and the other two) alone for most of the day....
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Old 12-02-2017, 12:28 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

Well, if you work 8 hours and sleep 8 hours, that still leaves 8 hours in the day where you are home. Even if your bird is just near you on a perch, or riding around on your shoulder while you do homework, watch TV, sit at your computer, or whatever, it's all time spent with the bird. And anytime you have your hands free to pet and play with the bird, he's conveniently located nearby.

I work from home, so I've got my Yoda with me most of the day. I'm pretty lucky that way, and not everyone gets that luxury. Some day hopefully you will have a significant other, or roomate or family of some kind that is home and happy to spend time with your birbies while you are at work.

We all just do our best, and give all the love and time we can.
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Old 12-02-2017, 03:50 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

Quote: Originally Posted by Squeekmouse View Post

We all just do our best, and give all the love and time we can.
That's the crux of it for me.

My partner and I work full time, and I work from home one day a week. Which means for most of the week, we're out a MINIMUM 8 hours, usually 10 hours a day.

My bird understands (or I'm getting her to understand) that quiet cage time is expected every day, so once she is in her cage she is calm and settled.

I spend time with her when I can during the week (usually being in the room while she's playing on her cage) and on the weekends the attention is more one-on-one. (Like snoozing on my shoulder playing computer games, and getting used to the harness, and flying around the house).

Apart from that, I do my best to feed her, provide fresh foliage to forage in her cage, and keep toys rotated once a week.

That is pretty much all I can do. I'd say worrying is fruitless but I'd do it anyway.
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Old 12-02-2017, 03:29 PM
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Re: Time management with birds?

Quality of time is perhaps more critical than quantity. Hands-on, cuddling, and shoulder-riding time is vastly more beneficial than designating out-of-cage time on a playtop or playstand. Having birds very close while studying, reading, etc is a close second. Creatively finding ways to incorporate closeness while conducting mundane chores is helpful!
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Old 12-06-2017, 08:32 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

I've been going to work at 2 a.m. so I sleep in the evenings which is normally when I'd interact with them most. It can get tricky to dedicate that quality time. I have a chair right by the cages so if I'm doing something on the tablet I can be right there and they can interact with me if they want. I also take them to shower with me. It's cold here now so they stand on the shower curtain rod and enjoy the steam and humidity while I go about my routine. After the shower I sit with them one at a time in the bathroom even just for a few minutes each. My house is tiny so I have the cages in a spot where they can watch me in the kitchen or the living room so they are a part of whatever is going on.
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Old 12-06-2017, 09:33 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

I get up an hour earlier than I used to/need to before getting my CAG as its important to spent quality time with them and let them stretch their wings. I make and share breakfast, take my shower, drink my coffee (tea for Enzo) etc etc in the morning.

The radio goes on whilst im at work for 8hours

When I return home I immediately call Enzo and make a fuss of her, make our evening meal, tidy up etc etc.

During the evening if I watch a movie or play games or what ever she will be with me if she wants. It does restrict me a little but im already used to doing everything with my little companion.

As said above, you do what you can do and thats it, just try and make the time together quality time.
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Old 12-06-2017, 10:08 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

It is always a struggle to balance everything, especially when birds aren't the only pets you own! My hubby and I both work full-time, same hours and so we'll generally have an hour before work and then a few hours after work with the pets. Luckily my birds are a pair bond and don't necessarily need my attention and love all day but I do have a set routine for them and they seem to be happy with it! It works for us.

Of course it would be easier if one spouse worked from home or didn't work at all, but some of us aren't that lucky. Bills need to get paid. You will find though, with many that own birds here most people are at home more often than not. Not much travel, not many late nights out drinking with friends, no weekend getaways, etc. You sacrifice these things in order to have happy birds.
- Jackie, Boo & Ember

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Old 12-06-2017, 10:25 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

Life ebbs and flows and we do with it. Nigel is with me on my shoulder several times throughout the day. I wake up early just to be with him and make sure we find time every evening. Schedules change as life goes on and we make the necessary adjustments. It’s possible!
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Old 12-07-2017, 12:52 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

I have my lights in my room on a timer, which REALLY helps imo, especially for college. Pardon if I'm repeating anything previously stated (I haven't glanced thru the thread yet) but one thing for students which is common is that during the day, there's sunlight, and at night while you study there's artificial light, leading to waaaay more than 12 hrs of light in a single day. This can force molting all year long!!!

The timer helps regulate me where I might lose track of time on my own. Then when the lights shut off in my room, I either stop reading/studying or I move to a different room to give them their sleep. I know this isn't exactly what you asked--but I really do think it's important to note, since I'm a student too and I know we're all nocturnal, lol. Birds aren't!

I also do my feeding and cleaning at night. With the lights off they don't touch the food until the morning but it's there for them when they wake up. And then before I head to work, I give them their daily fresh food.

Other than that, I just make a point to let the birds out Whenever I'm home. Absolutely whenever, as long as it's still daylight out! I aimed for night jobs when I was a full time student. And depending on what kind of bird you have, a companion might not be a terrible idea. I have my conure and cockatiel caged side by side. I'd cage them together if I could but of course my conure could do some damage if she got ticked off so I don't think I will... even caged separately tho, birds are very verbal and keep each other company quite well, just keep them in the same room.
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Old 12-08-2017, 07:58 AM
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Re: Time management with birds?

I work 6pm to 6am 2 days on 2 days off. On the days I'm off clark is basically always on me, when im on, I get him out as soon as I get home and he's always on me. There isn't much I can't do at home with a conure on my shoulder, TV, computer, vacuuming, reading, etc. Now that it's winter I put him on top of his cage if I have to go down to the store for something and he gets locked up when I sleep. That's about it.
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