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Birdieboy3300 06-13-2019 01:52 AM

Heat Waves and Humidity
Hi everyone! So unfortunately my air conditioning has stopped working for the most part, itís cooler in the bird room, but Iím still worried! I was thinking about putting little trays of water in their cages, but thereís no telling whether or not theyll bathe. I know humidity makes the heat feel worse, so would it be bad to do that? I donít want them to overheat and their water bowls seem too small to wet their whole body. A repair man is coming tomorrow, but Iím worried about what will happen in the meantime. Itís almost or in triple digits and being inside does not help. They donít like it when I bathe them either...

Basically my question is, would trays of water in their cages be a good idea?

Betrisher 06-13-2019 03:27 AM

Re: Heat Waves and Humidity
Trays of water will only increase the humidity without doing much to cool your birds. Here are some things I use to try and beat the Australian summer heat.

Cover three sides of the cage with a throughly wetted bedsheet or cotton curtain.

Place a pedestal fan so that it blows through the wet fabric and onto the birds. Make sure it doesn't blow right through the cage (ie. the birds have somewhere to go if they don't want your cooling breeze on them).

Float ice blocks in your birds' main water bath. I fill margarine containers with water and freeze them for this purpose. If you can get access to really large blocks of ice (eg. 12" or bigger), then wrap one in a towel and place in the cage. Make sure you choose a place where the meltwater can run off. MAKE SURE the ice is not exposed because if your bird stands on it, his feet will stick.

If your birds don't already have a large water container (ie. big enough to fit their whole body in to bathe) then now's the time to add one!

Don't ever put birds directly in front of an aircon or closer than three or four feet from an unprotected (ie. by wet fabric) fan.

Oh. One last one that I haven't tried yet. Fill a few soda bottles three quarters with water and freeze overnight. Stand a few of these at strategic locations around your cage (hanging from the roof is best, as cold air sinks).

If you use any of the ice rememdies, remember to have two sets: one in the freezer and one in the cage. Hope something works for you. It's hard, watching your birds broil in the heat.

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