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Owlet 06-08-2020 04:43 PM

question about leaving birds for a week or more
hi, its been a long time since I posted on this forum but the birds are doing well and Lincoln has a good amount of feathers now.

However a lot has happened in my life recently and it's really affected my mental health negatively. I have decided that I need some extra support that I cannot get from home and thus will be leaving the birds in the care of my parents. My parents would be able to feed them and change their water and the likes however they're not much of bird people and the birds probably wouldn't get a lot of socialization during this time. Lincoln has an open cage 24/7 so be won't be caged but Apollo on the other hand needs to be caged unless supervised for her own safety since she can fly and get into a lot more mayhem. Will they be okay like this temporarily? I dont really plan to be gone more than a week but it entirely depends on how things go. Lincoln might get some socialization because he likes my Dad but as for Apollo she doesnt really like other people unless they hand feed her millet for awhile and then maybe she will step up for them. I hate the idea of leaving the birds but I need to temporarily for my own safety. So is a week or 2 without a lot of socialization going to be okay?

noodles123 06-08-2020 04:46 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
If it's for your own safety, imagine what would happen to your birds long-term if you were harmed. That will answer your question (whether or not the situation is ideal).
You have to be alive and well to care for them and any damage to trust can likely be overcome with time and patience when you return (even if it is not perfect upon your initial return).
Your birds love you, you love them, and they would have a much harder time understanding what happened if you left them for good, so go and get the help you need and good luck with everything.

I'm sorry you are struggling.

chris-md 06-08-2020 05:30 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
Yes, they’ll be fine. Anywhere you formally board your birds, they wouldn’t be getting out any out of cage time. I’ve done it with Parker at a local parrot store. They are more flexible and adaptable than we give them credit for.

They may be mad at you for a day or two, possibly, but will be ok. No damage done here.

Owlet 06-08-2020 07:24 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
Hi thank you all for the support and advice. before I got here are some more recent pictures of the fids:

Lincoln decked out. hes still patchy especially around the eyes but the vet isnt concerned and hes improving

and apollo is slowly getting more use to her flight suit. she loves tossing the string around.

noodles123 06-08-2020 07:28 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
I would pay money to get Noodles into a harness easily (I don't push it because she is very scared and will put her head in, but taking it off is a nightmare, which needs to be trained,and as an adult re-home with many fears, this has been a hurdle). When we go outside, it is 3-5 minutes with consent for me to hold her toes tightly on my porch-- the first sign of struggle and we are back inside because she HATES harnesses....I bet I could get her to wear one if I worked on it daily for 1-2 years, but she is 13 now and it often feels overwhelming, especially given the fact that she is so good otherwise! I do feel like I need to work on it though- it just stresses her out so much (and me too!)

I know that a gust of wind, loud car or random bird could cause her to fly, so I am absolutely pro-harness (which is why our "outings" involve my vice-grip hands on her toes....
Good for you for training your tiel to wear one.

saxguy64 06-08-2020 08:01 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
Hi there! Glad to hear from you. I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling right now, but always know you're among friends here. Your birdies will be okay. Good for you for recognizing you need some extra help, and doing your best to take care of yourself, and the birds the best you can. You need to take care of you, so that you can take care of them.

We haven't seen pictures of them in a while. Lincoln looks wonderful! Look at those feathers! You're doing something right, because, wow! I admit, I've had a soft spot for him for a long time. Apollo in a flight suit! Again, wow! Very impressive.

Anyway, please keep us updated. You got this!

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wrench13 06-08-2020 08:23 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
Right, Lincoln looks great! I can see the investment paid off. Get your self right, so you can be right for your birds!

Inger 06-08-2020 09:13 PM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
They will be fine. Tell them where you’re going, tell them a range of when you might be back. Let them know you love them. Take care of you.

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Scott 06-09-2020 01:03 AM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
I'm sorry, Anna. Wishing you strength, resolve, and a new beginning.

A week or two or three, Lincoln and Apollo ought be fine in the custody of your parents. If you have access to computer/smartphone, perhaps Skype/Facetime will permit some cyber contact. In any case, they will welcome you home with outstretched wings. So will we!

Lovely pics, you are a fine parront!!

charmedbyekkie 06-09-2020 01:08 AM

Re: question about leaving birds for a week or more
I think the two of them will do just fine! They have each other to keep company and chit chat with.

We had to board Cairo for about 2 weeks once. He did ok and even put on a little weight! He was definitely happy to see us when we returned (might have been the fact he was next to a Major Mitchell cockatoo that kept insisting Cairo go "bye bye"), but it didn't seem too traumatising, except for the fact it was a strange place he was in.

I think it definitely helps your two will be with familiar faces and in a familiar place as well!

Do take care of yourself first. I know some days I have to kinda put Cairo second and myself first, so that I can be the person Cairo needs me to be. And I think Cairo does understand that - he doesn't hold a grudge when I go away, even for work trips. If we don't play for a couple of days, he'll keep himself occupied in the meantime, then is ready to go when I'm ready. They're empathetic creatures, even if they don't always show it.

So I'm glad you're making this decision for yourself and have a place where you can get the extra support you need.

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