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Old 10-17-2020, 03:07 PM
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Re: Mouse Problem

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
I live with my parents in a very rural area. So no changing the home and removing ducts. We have had mice every year like this but I was hoping to try an organic, humane way to so this safely but also keeping my birds safe.

Thanks again!
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Re: Mouse Problem

Quote: Originally Posted by maryyy361 View Post
I keep it clean around their cages and I change their paper weekly. The mice come up through the heat vents unfortunately so I can't seal those up! The only seed out is in their dishes overnight.

I also do catch and release, I've caught 4 so far over the past 2 weeks.
I had mice last year. Accidentally killed one with my foot, Caught & Released another three after that and seemed like it was all. That was LAST YEAR. There are new mice again this year.

REPELLENT: "No Escape Mouse Magic." This is great non-toxic, works good but only to Keep them out. Once they are already in it will NOT send them away. Once I had caught those few last year, I did not get any new ones, which I credit to the Mouse Magic. However you have to replace it about every month or so, and over the summer I stopped. I should have started again at beginning of September, but I just forgot until I heard them a week or two ago.

Spin traps are relatively safe -- at least compared to things like snap traps or glue traps. But the spin traps still scare me; my birds don't USUally go under things nor stick their little heads or beaks inside things... but birds Will do things they "never do." However the Capture traps I used last year, this year's mice are too smart for them. So I am putting down spin traps. I pick them up carefully in the morning before opening the cages, and I put them down again at night after everyone is securely in their cage and has finished their dinner.

---Speaking of CApture traps. You need to take the mice a LOOOONG way away before you release them, or they will return.----

While you are dealing with mice: Clean the cage Every Night. Take out all the food, and clean their dishes. (This is a good time to change the water too.) You might want to leave clean water for your birds overnight, preferably up high, but remove all the food. (If it's dry food, you don't have to throw it out if you normally wouldn't. You can put it in a sealed container away from the cages.) Discard the Paper Every Night. Then wipe down the bars and clean the tray. Every Night. Then sweep / vacuum / possibly mop the floor area around the cage. Every Night. (Then, in the morning, put fresh paper before putting in food for them.)

Why do I strongly suggest going to So Much Work? Because otherwise the mice Will go into your birdies' cages looking for food. Bird food IS mouse food. I learned this last year while HEARING my birdies rummaging around munching seed on their cage floor... but when I LOOKED they were actually perched unmoving on their highest perches. It was Not my Birdies who were eating their food!

This year, I'm hoping I've become aware of them sooner, before they're established. This year, I was only suspicious for a short while before I heard them--this year, heard them chewing the Walls! eekk! (i started banging things to scare them - one ran out, so I know it was a mouse. Otherwise from the wall-chewing, I would've thought it was something worse!)

This year, along with the nightly spin-traps, I've also found & blocked a couple entry holes. My landlord has also found where he thinks they're coming into the basement, will be blocking that entry, and he has also put traps in the basement as well. So I'm hopeful to go back to somewhat-less-extreme nightly housekeeping after maybe not-too-long.

They are not really pets. They are small People with wings and Opinions. They pay no rent, expect you to come when they call, & like to destroy stuff.

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