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Old 09-09-2019, 03:18 PM
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parrot with no ring

hi i have found this bird that i want to buy it has no ring and not been dna tested. what do i need to do to get a ring on this bird, itís 3 months old hand reared.
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Laurasea Supporting Member (09-09-2019)
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Old 09-09-2019, 04:56 PM
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Re: parrot with no ring

What type of Parrot is it and where in this large World are you located?

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Tami2  (09-09-2019)
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Old 09-09-2019, 07:41 PM
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Re: parrot with no ring

I'm not sure that you have to have a ring on your parrot. I had a ring removed for safety reasons from my GCC. My breeder and myself chose not to have a ring out on my Quaker.
Is there a reason you want a ring on your parrot? They do make open bands that can be placed on if it's needed, or maybe you can do a microchipped?
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Old 09-10-2019, 02:39 AM
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Re: parrot with no ring

I got mine without a ring. Honestly, I haven't heard many good things about them. If you are worried about identification, lots of people choose to get birds microchipped---not saying that is a perfect solution, but it may be something to consider once you weigh the pros and cons.
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Old 09-10-2019, 02:54 AM
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Re: parrot with no ring

If there's no reason why you want to ring on your fid, it's not necessary. 3 of 6 my parrots don't have rings from the beginning
Sorry for my English (I learn here )
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Old 09-10-2019, 03:03 AM
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Re: parrot with no ring

I believe the only time you need to be concerned about a leg ring is if you're dealing with CITES birds like a grey, where they are regulated, AND if you want to bring him into another country. If you don't plan on migrating, you should be ok without a ring.

That being said, I do have our little guy microchipped, but I also have a ring on him.

Your ring options in the West are going to be closed leg rings (put on when they're babies) and open leg rings (put on when they're too big for closed leg rings to slip on them). Considering the age of the bird in question, you'll probably be looking at open leg rings.

Now open leg rings are a bit risky because it's a lot easier for them to get caught on things, like toys, cage bars, etc. Which means it puts your bird at risk of get caught, panicking, and hurting themselves.

In the East, we have leg chains (which are illegal in some Western countries). So I used a C-hook (without the hook park). It's a jointed ring, that we closed with a nylon nut and bolt.

The reason why we put a leg ring on, despite microchipping, is so that it's easier for someone to find us if he gets lost. Our leg ring has my phone number on it - not a random set of letters and numbers. So anybody can look at Cairo and, without touching him, know what number to call, rather than having a stranger try to capture him and risk him spooking off.
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Rozalka (09-10-2019)

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