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Old 12-11-2018, 08:30 AM
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Re: Please help!

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Quote: Originally Posted by noodles123 View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by GCRiomom View Post
Thank you so much everyone! I will see what happens since the hut has been removed.

But finally I found him, under my couch (which is extremely low), making a little "nest" for himself out of crumbs, change, Cheetos, lol, anything he was finding under the couch...I called to him and he wouldn't come out for anything, and the entire time he was under there he was "talking to himself" in this extremely soft, rambling kind of voice, with this constant, soft "chirping"...It was creepy, he just stared at me but it was like he was in a trance or something...So finally I got a yardstick and gently swept him towards the front of the couch, and when he finally came out from underneath, he literally "charged" at me, ran purposely towards my hand and latched-onto it and wouldn't let go! Blood dripping, it was like having a vampire bat stuck to my hand...Once I managed to pry his beak off of my hand, he fell to floor and ran right back under the couch...I went and cleaned-up my hand, then again used the yardstick to sweep him out from under the couch, this time careful to not let him bite my hands....Well the second time he again "charged" at me, but at my feet!!! He then latched onto the skin on the top of my foot and wouldn't let go!!! It hurt so badly, I was trying to not start screaming at him, but this time he wasn't getting away...I walked to bathroom with Bowie attached to the top of my foot and managed to pry him off of it, this time I got hold of him around his body and did the "Vet-Hold"...And he went back into his cage for an hour, and after that he was completely normal and it's never happened since (I've blocked-off everything since so he can't get underneath ANYTHING)...

lolololol.../not...but the muttering and Cheeto/coin nesting is totally..believable/legitimate, but hilarious. My bird does this thing that I call "chompy chompy" when she is in the most mildly shadowy of far she hasn't bitten me over it (that I know of), but she did very quickly chomp a big hole in my shirt--on more than one occasion(only petting her on the head)--- while gazing up at me adoringly (due to the shadow of my shirt/torso)...anyway, back to her play perch she went (oooohh look Noodles! Non-sexual distractions!)

I am worried she is about to go on a hormonal bender, as at least 4x this month, I have uncovered her cage at 5:30 AM, only to find her chomping (shredding) paper towels through the grate on the bottom of her cage-floor and looking up at me like, hello my dear, care to join my nesting party (and no, she didn't sleep on the floor- she is healthy but I am a light sleeper, so I have heard her climbing down through closed doors at like 4:30AM-OY!)- I swear, I do everything to keep her hormones at bay, but I do cover the cage when she is ready for bed (via her signal!)--sometimes I do think she shreds in the evening after I cover her (maybe it's a plot ! )...

We have been through winters before, so I am hoping she is just being her weird cockatoo self and not actually on the cusp of hormonal crazy....Still super sweet with me most of the time (knock on wood), but she hasn't tried this new cage-floor nesting tactic in the past.

Noodles, I'm serious, I can not explain the confusion/horror that I had when I found him under the couch having that little "talk" with himself...It was a mix of bird and English, with intermittent "chirping", but he was staring right at me the whole time, even though he was totally ignoring me...If he had been a person it would have been a seen from the "Exorcist"...I was waiting for his head to start spinning around!...And then he literally ran right at me and attached to my foot...It was the NC-17 rated version of "The Birds"...
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noodles123 (12-11-2018)
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Re: Please help!

I am glad the training and removal of the happy hut helped you! My green cheek went through the same thing. She went from a snugglebirb to a raging bite machine, to the point where we bought a pair of gloves and only handled her with them to avoid bloodloss.

We actually taught her to bite because my hubby and I aren't good at the "don't react" part of the training. The gloves helped, and now that she has been trained with time outs, she doesn't bite so much.
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