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Old 09-29-2019, 11:22 AM
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Learnt Gabbana to play Hide N Seek

Gabbana is still worried about hands and i still have to use a glove to handle him or her, who is now 19 weeks old. However the other night when the light was out and just a dim lamp, the house was quite and his behaviour was odd. He was out all day and did not want to go back into his cage. I left him out and he was so relaxed. He was feeding from hand by glove so i decided to take the glove off. To my surprise he let me feed him Apple with no glove and he also let me stroke his tummy, he did go to snap when i tried my luck twice but i told him no no and he listened and he still allowed me to feed him with the apple using no glove. Then he switched and was backing off.

I then continued to use the glove routine and he allowed me to try things that i had never been able to do, which was astonishing. Such as hide N seek with his blanket. Gabbana was allowing me to put his play blanket over his head lol then let me pull it off and saying peek a boo. He would allow me to do that again and he was not flying away, he was allowing me to do it it was

I captured it all via video and was able to take snap shots from the video for you all because i cant upload a video here.

He is still yet to talk though < Sad face. He is very noisy likes to scream at my youngest when she is being naughty and crying lol. His/ her way of telling her to be quite. He squeaks and he tries to babble but i can never hear any words. We are always talking to him, he hears lots of words, tried the phone to help him by watching other ring necks on you tube, and i have even tried letting him listen to music. He or she was 19 weeks old yesterday will it ever talk. Be honest and let me know at what age your ring neck first talked. Does it talk ?

So many ring necks on you tube all talk and they all say the same words yet mine after hearing the words like, hello, what you doing, good morning, I love you, who's a pretty bird, Apple, dinner, Good night, bye bye you name it Gabbana has heard it, and still wont copy. I would love him to talk because he is a really clever bird he is just lacking the voice.

Learnt Gabbana to play Hide N Seek-rsz_71203580_2778810565487157_9027887175902953472_n_1.jpg

Learnt Gabbana to play Hide N Seek-rsz_71512396_2778810638820483_7459953323764875264_n-1-.jpg

Learnt Gabbana to play Hide N Seek-rsz_71085971_2778810865487127_4541449108270874624_n.jpg
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Learnt Gabbana to play Hide N Seek-rsz_70962186_2778811195487094_2827407297720877056_n.jpg   Learnt Gabbana to play Hide N Seek-rsz_71299579_2778810975487116_6134464628819755008_n.jpg  
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