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Old 01-11-2020, 10:53 PM
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Question Do parakeets learn to go outside cage

My parakeets hate the outside of the cage

Will they ever want to come out on their own?
I want them to have room to fly around instead of them being in a cage all day

But i wonder if its just because their feathers are cliped and they learned that they will have a bad landing if they try to fly out of the cage

And i also have a bike that my parakeets always stand on when they accidentally fly out and im wondering if them standing on the spokes is bad
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Old 01-12-2020, 12:24 AM
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I am 70 and been studying parrots, am on a limited income, can't afford to buy but will rescue. Would prefer an older bird, preferably male. Have had parakeets. jh
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Re: Do parakeets learn to go outside cage

Just my opinion, let feathers grow back. In meantime go to forums tab and learn to teach them trust and step up to finger. You can also go to and put wingsNpaws in the search window. His birds are bigger parrots but principle applies. jh
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Old 01-12-2020, 02:19 AM
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Amy a Blue Front 'Zon Jonesy a Goffins 'Too who had to be rehomed :-( And a Normal Grey Cockatiel named BB who came home with me on 5/20/2016.
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Re: Do parakeets learn to go outside cage

Budgies,like most bird's,LOVE being out of their cages. My very first bird was a Budgie (a.k.a. parakeet) he loved to zoom down the hallways full throttle and go where he pleased.

Amy my beautiful Blue Front. Who was four months old when she picked me to go home with to her "forever" home in 4/1990.. DNA'd MALE in 2015
Jonesy, a cute Goffin 'too
that had to be rehomed :-(

And a Grey 'teil, BB...a.k.a. The Beebs
that was 18 weeks old 5/20/2016,

Rest in peace,my precious Smokey..4/2015 at 28 years young
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Old 01-12-2020, 07:24 AM
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50+ years with parakeet experience and last 10 years with parrotlets. Currently have parrotlet born approx 2010.
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Re: Do parakeets learn to go outside cage

Each bird is different. My parrotlet really likes being in his cage ("his safe place"; his territory) but he can easily and happily spend the entire day outside on the top of the cage playing with his toys. If his favorite play-thing is in the cage, he will probably stay inside even with the door wide open. If I place his favorite toy atop his cage, he follows it outside to the cage top. And he has no desire to fly around or wander, unless frightened. He is timid in that regard -- but many birds are more curious. Leaving the cage ..... is not really a learned response in and of itself.

What IS learned is him/her being trained to trust you. Once he trusts you, he will sit on your finger as you bring him slowly out from the cage. Or you can bribe him out with toys or food he likes by placing them outside the cage. But if the bird's wings are clipped, there is no rush to bring him outside the cage as he may end up crashing in to objects, walls, etc., especially if frightened.

Another aspect to consider is if the bird is new to your home. It is not unusual for a new bird to stay generally in the middle of the cage (safest place) for a day or sometimes for a few days, as they become familiar with their new environment. Everything may scare them at first -- new and sometimes startling "people sounds" they must become accustomed to; sounds of things like dishwashers and garbage disposals running, clanking of dishes; the sounds from a TV, etc. A bird may eat very little during those first few days of initial adjustment.

The main point here is to work with your friend, train and assure him he is safe ... and he will come out in due time -- when he is ready. But no need to force him out; you must feel out his character, emotions and let him set the pace.

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