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Old 04-17-2019, 02:25 PM
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Re: Why Do People Have Cats If They Just Let Them Run Outside All-Day, Every-Day???

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Old 04-18-2019, 04:08 AM
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Re: Why Do People Have Cats If They Just Let Them Run Outside All-Day, Every-Day???

“Any cat owners in the audience? Your houses stink!!” (Excerpted from a British comedian whose name escapes me.....)

But seriously for purely selfish reasons you’d think cat lovers would be way more interested in keeping their felines indoors as those left to roam outside are far more likely to pick up a disease, get hit by a car, be attacked by a dog or another cat etc etc ad nauseum.... Don’t even get me started on how many native species of mammal, marsupial, bird, reptile that feral cats are responsible for killing in this country and many others, take some responsibility people!!
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Old 04-18-2019, 06:00 AM
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Re: Why Do People Have Cats If They Just Let Them Run Outside All-Day, Every-Day???

When I was growing up (9 or so), a neighborhood cat was terrorizing all of the creatures within a 10 house radius (probably farther)..I remember sitting on my porch until 9:45 (past my bed time) to fight him off when he kept coming after 4 fledgling doves in a tree by our porch...I surrounded the base of the tree with branches from a thorny rose bush.. and for many weeks, I kept watch in the evenings after school--- One morning (when they were about to fly), I woke up for school and their bodies were all over our lawn- decapitated for sport--INCLUDING the mother bird! In one week, I counted 12 different animals---killed in our yard alone. He killed an adult robin right in front of me that same week, and some rabbits the next day.

I had had enough. My parents had called the owners (friends of theirs) and spoken with them about the problem, but nothing was done. After the dove incident, my 9-year old self picked the cat up (not a very nice cat either- it was not easy), carried him down the street to his owner and rang the doorbell. The owners (who knew me VERY well answered the door--their daughter was my age and went to all of my birthday parties) answered the door.

In tears, my best friend and I begged them to keep the cat inside and explained all of the recent incidents. Picture 2 sobbing children explaining what your cat had done...Even a sociopath might humor them and then let the cat out the back door right? NOW, imagine looking 2 crying little girls (friends of your child) dead in the eye, taking the cat from their arms, and saying "I'm sorry girls, that's just nature," and letting the cat go in front of them!!!!! That is exactly what happened. I should add, this cat did have litter-boxes in the house and often spent time inside as well.

We asked for them to get a break-away collar with a bell and that was also refused.

That cat lived for over 20 years (15 of which, he was a killing machine) and my parents never really looked at the owners the same way after this.

I was so mad--I felt like going and getting a bunch of poisonous snakes and setting them free in their yard so that I could explain the ways of nature LOL. Obviously I didn't- I'm not a, that wouldn't have been fair to the snakes

To start with...there is nothing natural about a domesticated cat who is fed inside and runs around killing for sport all over town...I could go on all day...

Anyway, we called the city to find out if there was anything we could do and apparently there are leash laws for cats as well, but they are never enforced...It was quite literally ILLEGAL to let your cat hang out outside without a leash!!!! SO, why is it socially acceptable, and what is the point?

We never actually called animal control (because these people were family "friends"), but that same year, our dog was in the front yard with us (laying there doing nothing) and some jerk walking by made a bunch of threats about leash laws (not the same people...but it just goes to show what a stupid double-standard it is!!!)

If you are going to have a pet, you are responsible for its behavior and well-being. Feeding a cat and allowing it to run free is WORSE than me getting a dog, feeding it and allowing it to run free- dogs are WAY less capable of getting into things because they can't climb like a least you can (for the most part) keep dogs out of your yard with a fence! I know this is probably offensive to those people who own cats and allow them to run around like this, but if you wouldn't want strange dogs killing things in your yard and pooping in your sandbox and garden, then it shouldn't be okay for cats to do the same thing! If you live on a farm with a spayed/neutered barn cat (and no close neighbors), that is one thing, but many people who do this live in suburbia or even the city...So very frustrating...Then there is the disease issue...yet another rant-worthy point.

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