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My hen budgie is really aggressive towards me when i look at the nestbox

Hi everyone,

I have a budgie pair and they have made two baby budgies.
One of them is 16 days old and the other one is 14.

My female budgie (the mother) was always quiet (barely chirps), usually scared, barely moving, and if she is, she usually moves really slow, and really hard to tame.

From the day i put the nestbox next to their cage and they started breeding, everytime i came close to the nestbox or even moved a meter next to it, my female budgie would get scared and run into her nestbox as soon as possible.

Unlike her, the male budgie is really friendly, usually chirping, likes to be on my hand and sometimes mimics me (even though not much successfully ).

Note: I have both of them for more than two years, but i started bonding with them just a few months ago.

From what ive red, i understand that from age of two weeks i can start handling the baby budgies.
Today i opened the door of the nestbox and put my hand close to it, and the female quickly ran into the nestbox, covered her babies like she's trying to protect them and started squawking really hard and opening her mouth like she will bite me if i get closer.

At first i thought that she's being hormonal because of her 'pregnancy', but now her budgies are quite bigger, so it makes less sense that its only hormones, which should maybe become lesser by now. I assume that i will wait one more week or two before i will start handling them, so everything will be fine.

Do you guys have any suggestions maybe? What should i do in your opinions? Thank you.

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