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Old 02-14-2019, 08:03 PM
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Re: So what is your nite-nite ritual with your parrot(s)

While I didn’t get to do it this afternoon (stupid late shift), I usually keep them with me until around 5:45. Then I take each of them and put them on top of their cages while I change out their food and water. After that I put them in their cage, tell them ‘I love you’, and say ‘goodnight guys, I’ll see you tomorrow morning’ (which could be anywhere from 6-9 AM).
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Old 02-14-2019, 09:34 PM
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Re: So what is your nite-nite ritual with your parrot(s)

Bumble goes to bed around 7. At this time of year, when it’s dark so early, she’s yawning and fluffing and one-foot perching around 6:30 or so. We go to her cage and collect all her bowls. She sits on my shoulder while I do her dishes and we play one of the games she’s invented-every time I move my face in her direction, she makes a random noise. Sometimes (once or twice a week) she’ll say “drink! drink!” Which really means she wants a bath. I let her take a few sips from the faucet and before long she’s sticking her head under the tiniest bit and fanning her tail feathers. That’s when I know I’m supposed to get out the mister bottle and spray her down. When she’s done, she flies up to my head. I’ve tried to decide for her once or twice, but if she’s not ready for the bath to end, it’s very clear I’ve made an error and (as any good human servant) i correct course immediately. After dishes and bathing, she rides on my shoulder over to the counter where I fill her bowl with pellets and some seeds. She climbs down my shirt and hops on to the bowl and rides it back to her cage. I tell her what day it is, what day tomorrow is, what plans I have, and then say night night love you approximately 400 times while I cover her cage. Sometimes I sit in the chair next to get cage with the lights off and listen to her grind her beak for a while. Although she’s covered, it’s with a dark sheet so she can see most of what’s going on around her. She seems to like it when I sit with her, and it’s a lovely relaxing time for me. I don’t do it every night though, since she needs to be able to sleep on her own.

That’s our little ritual.

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Old 02-14-2019, 10:37 PM
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Re: So what is your nite-nite ritual with your parrot(s)

Peanut is like an old lady, she has to get to bed by dark. Once it gets dark she goes straight to her sleeping spot on her playstand and waits until I take her to her cage. She steps right up, gives me a kiss and goes to the perch in her cage with no fuss. Then I cover her cage and she doesnt make a peep until she hears us get up in the morning.
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