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Old 06-08-2020, 11:29 AM
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Re: Vitamins in the water?

Quote: Originally Posted by Amsterdam View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by noodles123 View Post
Just remember- citrus isn't really good for birds in the same way it is good for humans. It needs to be given in very small doses or it can lead to iron storage disease. I would avoid putting anything in the water.
howdy noodles i add it atleast once a week mixed with water its good against alkaline infections , cancer etc
also they strenghten the immune system due to the amount of vitamin c would you consider once a week to much?
My vet told me a tangerine slice/wedge per week (but not more) was okay for my U2 who weighs a little over 1 lb- not sure whether weight matters, but it's something I am cautious about just because I know that it's in lots of vegetables etc (besides citrus fruit) but when adding citrus on top of that, it concerns me, so I try to keep the amounts on the lower-side.

I have read that Vitamin C doesn't play nearly as large of a role in parrot immunity as it does in human immunity. Vitamin C helps humans fight infection, but from what I understand, things are different for parrots Of course, they can have some vitamin C, but from what I understand, it doesn't help them in the same way it would help humans who are fighting infection.

If you have an avian vet, I would check with him/her to verify.
Here's a link that discusses C's part in Iron Storage Disease: Obviously they are going to consume some, but citrus is one that I have been told to avoid specifically except in extreme moderation--again, I would check with an avian vet to verify.

Vitamin C is in most fruits and veg, so it is fine for them, but not too much ---again citrus was the specific warning I was given. It's not that they CAN'T have it at all (citrus in moderation can be beneficial) but it can also be given too frequently.

here's some more info:

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Old 06-08-2020, 09:15 PM
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Re: Vitamins in the water?

Quote: Originally Posted by olivierr1 View Post
Oh sorry I meant the nail, not the toe!

Both feet seem to have something weird with the nail on one of the toes.

The toenail doesnít look normal. Definitely something to talk over with your vet. You said you sent pics? Did they have any comments?

Hereís a pic of my parrotletís toes. Her nails are a bit long because I havenít gotten up the courage to take care of them myself and the vet isnít doing mani-pedis right now. But you can see the toenails are the same on all toesies.

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Old 06-08-2020, 09:26 PM
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Re: Vitamins in the water?

I strongly advise AGAINST water soluble vitamins in the water.................UNLESS they are breeding birds or suffer from a diet deficiency
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