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Old 06-12-2020, 10:37 AM
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Re: Sleeping cage size for macaw

Well consider the size of the macaw. I suppose he might fit into a 1 foot x 1 foot by 3 foot box, but really he is not going to just sit on a sleep perch and turn himself off to sleep.
3 x 3 x 5 I would think the minimum for any temp or sleeping cage.
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noodles123 (06-12-2020)
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Old 06-12-2020, 10:59 AM
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Re: Sleeping cage size for macaw

Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmographer View Post
Noodles, that cage you linked does indeed seem too small. 18" x 18" is even smaller than the sleeping cage I was looking to buy which is 30"x30".

Wrench, 48"x48" seems quite large. I think there are some daytime macaw cages that are that big, which makes me wonder if it might be overkill for a sleeping cage. The ones in my area that are that size cost twice as much as the 30x30
I didn't post that cage based on dimensions-- it was intended to be a starting point for other cheap cages that were larger in the Amazon worm-hole (but I didn't make that clear). I assume you were looking at tiny, portable things (that's why I talked about the need to flap).
When most people talk "sleep cages" they are looking at much smaller cages than what they would normally put their birds in--- but like I said, wings need to be able to safely spread and have proper bar spacing and gauging. I have never been able to find a cage that is big enough for my Too to sleep in unless it's a regular I have 2 full cages ---one for a place I travel often (or did-before COVID) and one for my house (plus play-stands). I also bought my house with with doors in mind (its 1870s, so it has doors EVERYWHERE on the main floor lol! PERK!)--I guess they were all about doors for controlling drafts, smells and generally directing airflow before central air and heat, but it's a perfect set-up for a parrot because it's like 5 rooms on the main floor and each one has 2 doors...and there was a door in the hallway at one point too lol---seriously....they were OBSESSED with doors! HA-- I LOVE being able to block her off from all of the smells and sounds etc--- and I can do it like 3x over because all of the layers of doors-- good ole' Victorians.

At my parents' house (also old) they removed many of the swinging doors that used to be there, so in the past, I have used a door off the hinges to cover the gap at night, and sometimes I even use a tension rod + a shower curtain (but that is way worse at blocking sound). I still cover her cage at night in both places and control the lighting in the room. It's definitely harder in a more open-concept house...I am grateful that my house and my parents' house = compartmentalized.

Whatever his wing-span is, make sure he can flap with at least an inch on either side of the cage...and with enough room for a perch etc

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Cosmographer (06-12-2020)

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