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Old 07-24-2020, 03:41 PM
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Re: Just had my first experience with pantry moths

Quote: Originally Posted by AmyMyBlueFront View Post
YEP! I have experienced them also Just yesterday as a mater of fact! My brother came in and I heard him scream "WTF???" as he went to the counter top. I swear fifty of those effin things took flight! I was waving an electric tennis style racket at them and when the hit it they'd EXPLODE and make crackling sounds and stink like heck!! I don't know why we have them,there is NO seeds,except a bag of nutraberries that sits on the partition between the living room and kitchen and there were no moths in the bag

Years ago when Amy and Jonesy did get some seed,I'd get a 40lb bag of "parrot food" from Agway. I'd fill a five pound plastic tub and put it in the freezer and pour the bag into a large tub,cover it and put it in the mudroom off of my kitchen (there was a door that was kept closed that led from the kitchen to the mudroom) When I went to refill the five pound tub I'd go into the mudroom.close the door leading into the kitchen and open the door leading to outside. When I took the lid off the large tub I got assaulted by HUNDREDS of those things It seems that the seeds already had larvae and with the heat inside the tub the things would hatch! It also seems they hatch at certain times of the year also.

You need to inspect your walls/cealings. I have found that the bastiids will lay their eggs right at the seams of a ceiling and wall..little tiny things 1/8 inch long. I use a broom to sweep them from wall/ceiling or they will hatch and you'll get more of the pesky things.

Those tennis racquet electrocutions rock!!!
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