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Old 11-05-2019, 08:13 AM
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Unhappy Sad budgie with other parrot

Hello! I bought 2 months ago red-fronted parakeet (I donít know if itís correct in English, the Latin name: Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae) called Henry. But I made a mistake and I didnít know a lot about parrots then so I trusted the shop owner of the pet shop. He said that the bird is very young and easy to tame, but it wasnít like that. He is afraid of people a lot and he must be older, about 8 months I think. Rarely he sit for a second on hand but thatís it. I have started read a lot and watching videos about parrot. I was disappointed of Henry so a month ago I bought young budgie on the day he was put off the parents to other parrots. And he is amazing, I practice with him every day and he likes me to. But I have questions about my parrots that I canít find on the internet, so I hope You will help me.

I have my parrots in two cadges but in the same room. I work 8 hours a day without weekends. And my budgie is a little bit sad and depressed that he is alone for a long time, he only sits on the top of cage and eat very small. He doesnít play with his toys and doesnít want to eat fruit and vegetables. When he is with Henry (sometimes when Iím at home I put budgie to Henryía cage) he is more active, eats fruits, eats more and sleeps less and even play toys. And he always run and flies after him. He often wants to ďkissĒ Henry but Henry is scared when he is running to him with beak. And sometimes Henry pushes him. And Henry is very jealous of food and sometimes he is angry and pushes my budgie. I also observed that the budgie becoming less tamed because of Henry. And I donít what to do...
1. Should I put them together in one big cage? Or should I leave them in two cages?
2. Should they be in the same room or maybe two different rooms?
3. Maybe should I bought second budgie and have Henry in one cage and budgie is in second cage or all three in one cage? I really want to have more buddies, even if theyíll be less tamed, because I really love them, and I think that then I can have all them with Henry in one big cage so budgies will be more safe togwhter and leave Henry alone but Henry would be with friends to... But sometimes I think that Henry doesnít want to have any friend in his cage.

So please help me with my questions, Iíll be really thankful.
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Old 11-05-2019, 09:06 AM
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Re: Sad budgie with other parrot

You should buy another budger regardless to gender ( maybe female ), and you will see whether the other bird will also need a partner of its own species.
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Old 11-05-2019, 09:09 AM
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Re: Sad budgie with other parrot

Hello Gufi14’
I say yes to getting you budgie a friend. I have a little female budgie that is outgoing and friendly. But the poor little thing would run back and forth at the front of the cage begging to be let out. I got a second budgie that is shy and difficult to tame. He sat sadly in the corner. Now they are together singing and chattering the day away. The friendly budgie is still friendly and outgoing and tame. The shy guy is shy and would prefer to not have human handling. They are a delight to watch.
I don’t know anything about your other type of Parakeet.
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