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Old 05-23-2020, 05:16 PM
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1 baby peach front conure, named Jackie.
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A Mystery no more!!!!

Well, my little unfeathered baby has turned out to be a beautiful little peach front conure, who is an absolute sweetheart, and joy and so entertaining!!!we guess she is now between 7 to 8 weeks old, and so so smart...I do have a few questions....I clipped her wings, so she can't fly high...but I do want her to be able to move about, which she does....She was very good, I watched at least 6 you tubes, including a vets, and only clipped the 5 1st five flight feathers, only half way up...we wanted her to have some mobility. we leave her huge cage open during the day, and she really only wants to be out when one of us in in the office/craft room, where her cage, 2x she has learned to fly from where ever she was perched, to my finger, when I hold it up...she loves to be on my shoulder, near my ear, but I wear hoops, and she has finally learned when NO means, when she would tug on them....(I would say no, and blow in her face) now she just likes to fall asleep in my hair, by my ear.. a few questions??? She still likes to go into the cat carrier at night, where she has slept, since she was given to me....should I break her of that habit, and make her sleep in her large cage at night? Does any one use Missing Link bird supplement for their birds? and is she too young to start? She still eats her baby bird formula, and loves it, and along with that, she gets a small lid top of green beans, or green pepper, blueberries (her very favorite) strawberries, cooked pasta and she nibbles all day long, and very good at drinking water...but hasn't tried a bath yet. Do conures like water?? I do know she LOVES toys....and has a cage full of them....
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Old 05-24-2020, 01:23 AM
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Re: A Mystery no more!!!!

She is far too young to be clipped already.

She may be a tad young to be bathing.

The cat carrier may be fine for now, but may indeed be something you would want to wean her off of before she becomes of "breeding age".

I have and have used Missing Link but it's not anything I swear by... I don't know that there is any age restriction to using it.
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