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SailBoat 01-16-2017 12:22 PM

Pioneer’s Always Take the Arrows
In looking back over my very short tenor with The Parrot Forums, I have witnessed and to a much lesser degree participated in several struggles based within the ‘Hot Topic’ arena of the Avian World. In the vast majority of those struggles truths can be found in any corner. As each year passes, we find that the knowledge base regarding our Avian Companions grows and by doing so, support for any position either wanes, grows or a new direction is found. Point being. Avian Knowledge is a yet unfolding area of Study!

In the early Spring of 2002, had someone asked me if I knew an author named E.B. Cravens, my answer would have been something like: I have read a couple of his articles in the obscure Avian publication’s market. He is a Pioneer, is well written and seems to target a more Natural method of Parrot care and I would have likely recommended his writings. If the same question were posed today. My response would be much deeper. I would reflect on a man that brings his full mind, body, heart and Soul to his quest. An individual that though his devoted efforts brought credence to the method of a more Natural approach for Parrots kept in an unnatural environment, our homes. And, with regards to recommending his works, I would classify them as Monitory!

How could my opinion change regarding an individual that I have never met? An individual that if I ended-up in an elevator with today, I would not recognize? The answer lay within the concept of the ‘Intended and un-Intended Audience.’ The primary reality missed in Posting on an Online Group is that the Post is Public to that Group, as a whole. An exchange between two, three, four or even ten individuals is at the same time viewed by the whole Group. Within that Group of ‘viewers’ exist the un-Intended Audience and within that group, Minds are available for change and growth in the Avian World.

In the personal passion of a Posting exchange (or group discussion), it is easy to allow tunnel vision to set-in. This commonly occurs when the interaction slips from Topic to Personal. At this point, the Intended Audience has become locked in their positions and the likelihood of changing that mind(s) is left to wishful thinking. On the more serious and deadly stage of Human Physical Conflict, this is known as Winning a Battle, but Losing the War. In this case, a definition of a Locked Mine is one that has closed itself and losing the opportunity to expand its understanding of the discussion. Before the discussion began those individuals lost their opportunity to expand, in addition they Lost the Battle for the minds of the un-Intended Audience.

I am not sure, if we as individuals or as an Organization have any idea how many un-Intended Minds have been ‘slowly converted’ in just the short number of years that the Parrot Forums has been around. I believe that we could count the number of locked minds, which have not and may never change. But even there, in the un-wanted or un-Intended land of locked minds, the win counts maybe much higher than we believe. And, this reality holds true, whether we are writing or reading Parrot Forum Threads /Posts or talking to someone in an elevator.

The one fundamental reality of being a Pioneer is that the arrows are always incoming! Pioneers understand this reality and except it as a Part of Life. Although tiring, it is part of leading the World into a new Frontier, even when that Frontier is little different from what Nature has already proven as true. Every Pioneer will confirm that the really deadly arrows, the ones that really hurt are those that hit from the back, the supposed Safe-Zone of supposed similar minded individuals. Especially, those who proclaim a similar purpose! They are the arrows that wear hardest, cut deepest, and dishearten most. They are also the ones that confirm that the Pioneer's work is never completed. That proof lays in the Fact that the World's Pioneers are celebrated long after they have completed their work and have been called home by their very approving Maker!

I do not offer this as a ‘beg’ for any one individual’s return to the Parrot Forums. Hurtful battles with Locked Minds is at best dogmatic and without reward. After all, why continue to expose one’s self to these painful backside arrows? To that, I only have two questions: Can, or should the Pioneer even stop expounding on the Great Wonders just beyond that next hill? And, should that un-Intended, yet open mind not be won /grown?

As an open Thread (letter) to those who fought the good battles, took far to many arrows (yes the most hurtful ones), consider the on-going flood of new members that represent ‘todays’ un-Intended Minds. Consider returning and contributing to the ever-growing World of Avian Knowledge! With the understanding of Parrot DNA just beginning to open, the likelihood of great knowledge expansion has us at the very doorstep of this wondrous moment to be active participants in the Avian World. Be Part of this Time in the Wondrous World of Avian Understanding!

By: Steven (SailBoat), 2017
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GaleriaGila 01-16-2017 01:42 PM

Re: Pioneer’s Always Take the Arrows
I love what you said, Mr. Boat. I think I will be more conscious, in the future, of being mindful of unintended minds, as you described them.

I was one of those minds, I now realize. When I landed here, I was actually looking for foster-rescue possibilities for the Rb. I doubt I would ever have gone through with it, but I was Googling it. I was in a real funk, parrot-wise. I'll spare you the details: suffice to say that I was in a bad mental space over dealing with the Rb and various associated issues. When I became active here, I found a COMMUNITY, which I was lacking since moving up North from New Mexico (where parrots are quiet common... I was a member of two local parrot cubs, for example). The joy of parrot-keeping came back to me. You all did that for me.

Kentuckienne 01-16-2017 03:46 PM

Re: Pioneer’s Always Take the Arrows
There's no such thing as constantly smooth sailing. Always there is chop, and change in direction, tacking and sometimes a man or woman overboard. That's how it works. Yes, people can misread conversations, get wrong impressions, make up their minds, get mad, formulate resentments or prejudices. So the conversation moves on...that sounded harsh, were you intending to bash me, oh no not at all so sorry, I was getting at this, etc. Not easy to communicate without the visual feedback and tone of voice to add meaning to the words. So it's no good to remain silent hoping to avoid stirring up trouble. Just stir, and if there is trouble it can be easily resolved. Otherwise much good information might never make it into the page. I for one love to see your posts, and your words will hang around as long as the Forum does, helping those yet unmet.

Laurasea 10-04-2019 09:10 PM

Re: Pioneer’s Always Take the Arrows
Whoa! I strayed into the deep end!
I love it! So very true! When answering posts I try to keep in mind the layers of readers, but sometimes I slip.
I can say though Sailboat the more posts if yours I read, the more I think....
What a wonderful asset you are to the Forum
Also why do t I meet folks like you all in the real world??? Hmmmm

wrench13 10-04-2019 09:49 PM

Re: Pioneer’s Always Take the Arrows
Beautiful, 'Boats, and very insightful. Thank you

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