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Training Information and discussion on how to train your parrot.

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Old 09-16-2018, 08:30 PM
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Bean - GC Conure (Pineapple x Red Front
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Training new GCC

Hi, new here.
Recently (yesterday) my partner and myself brought a Green Cheek Conure (Pineapple x Red Front colouring) from a pet shop. Horrible conditions, small cages and hardly good drinking water.
It is extremely obvious that Bean (what we ended up naming them and they had no DNA test done to find out sex) has not had any people interaction. They are rather skittish and very much not interested in us when we were at the shop. Regardless, we brought them cause we couldn't leave them in that environment.
After bringing them home and getting them into the cage that was set up (decent size for now but will be moved to a bigger one we have. Just using the smaller one until they get accustomed to us), they seemed to perk up and was jumping from every branch while doing little head shakes and little chirps. Even was eating within the first 30minutes of being placed in the cage (small amount of pellets and some dried fruit treats) so they seemed quite happy.
Now even though Bean has had little to no human interaction, we want to try and work with them so they can actually live a good life and eventually be able to take them outside with a harness. (We realise this may take years and are willing to accept this)
I know that "step up" is the best to start with but they don't seem the most confident with hands. You can get a little close but that's about it and we have no idea how old they might be.
Does anyone have some suggestions to help with this? We already plan to sit and just talk with them with a hand just sitting near the cage door holding some millet seed for them to munch on if they are interested in it.

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Old 09-16-2018, 08:51 PM
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Re: Training new GCC

Time will be your best friend. Imagine the amount of time you expect it to take to get a tame bird, and multiply it by 10 lol (not kidding)---don't give up.

Get your bird used to you being near the cage and doing quiet activites...dont expect step-ups for months...just try to feed from your hand etc

No Teflon/PTFOA/PTFE (BESIDES non-stick pans, it hides in: rice-cookers, blow-driers, air-poprcorn poppers, bake-in-a-bag meals, popcorn bags, curlers, cookie sheets, space-heaters, heat-lamps, drip-trays, self-cleaning ovens, toasters etc etc...TEFLON IS DEADLY IN VERY LITTLE TIME) THIS IS NO JOKE--- DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER THE BIRD IS IN ANOTHER ROOM---DON'T USE IT!

Do NOT use cleaners around your bird (unless avian-safe)---safe for "pets" is NOT safe for birds (unless verified)---vinegar+water, grapeseed extract, f10 sc and baking soda are really all that is safe. F10 (yellow, not green) is the closest you will get to bird-safe bleach.

NO bleach, windex, fabreeze, air-freshener, Lysol, candles, scrubbing bubbles, ammonia etc etc...

NOTHING SCENTED---no candles, avoid cologne/perfume, hairspray, nailpolish remover, paint, paint thinner, smoke, grilling, rubbing alcohol etc etc..

Google ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) for behavioral help. I am an ABA believer (I already used it on kids at work and it works for parrots as well).

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Old 09-23-2018, 10:04 AM
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Re: Training new GCC

Instead of trying to use step up as your first "trick", start out with target training! Target training can lead to coming out of the cage with confidence, stepping up, going back into the cage and so much more!
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