1. ann

    An abandoned baby goose?

    hi guys! Long story short, my school is like a zoo, we have dogs, parrots, doves, peacocks, ferrets, a tortoise, rabbits, koi fish and more. There is a large enclosed courtyard with a pond and LOTS of plants. there are ducks that come and go, and many raise ducklings in the courtyard. Today my...
  2. L

    Female Lovebird not feeding her babies..

    My female lovebird had her first clutch a couple months ago and there was a question that was bugging me for a while. My female laid five eggs in total and all hatched. Something I noticed once that 5th one hatched was that she stopped feeding the two youngest, while the oldest were nice and...
  3. I

    Abandoned Parrot

    Hi everyone, yesterday i found a parrot on my backyard, he seems kind of old, but i dont know much about birds, i cant find the owner yet and i need to know how to take care of him he seems fine but very shy and kind of scared, and he refuses to eat!!!! .... i tryed with apple, banana, nuts...