african ring-necked

  1. M

    Indian ring neck or African ring neck?

    Indian ring neck or African ring neck? I got Kiko when he was almost 1 month old and his beak was kind of bright. He’s 4 months old now. Can anyone please help me out. Ps: I have an Indian ring neck named peeko he’s an adult (I got him as an adult 1 year ago) and he checks out every details...
  2. A

    Wondering about the sex of my Ringneck

    Hi ya'll. This is Dara, my 17-month-old African Ringneck. Wondering if you can help me figure out Dara's sex via the color or shape of their head. Dara occasionally walks over to a mirror and will give it a little lick with eyes that pin, but not often. No heart-shaped wing motions. Dara...
  3. Jferrand526

    Indian Ringneck or African Ringneck

    First of all I am very sorry if I post this in the wrong forum but I have recently got my hands onto a new bird because an old family friend’s birds had babies. He tried selling the birds to people and no one wanted them so I took one, these babies were not hand fed and were in a large aviary, I...
  4. Koni

    Everything becomes more interesting if you add Benny Hill music to it

    You all remember the theme song from Benny Hill. Well, almost anything becomes more interesting if you add it to it. Here is my African (or Indian?) ring-necked parrot Koni doing some random stuff with random toys. Every time I film Koni runs towards the camera. He like to chew everything Koni...