air purifier

  1. BekOwens94

    Optional Ionizer Tower Fan

    Hey, first time poster and long time parrot owner. I have bought a new tower fan and upon opening I’ve noticed it has an optional setting on the remote to turn on ION. I just wanted to know if this fan is safe to use in the room where the parrot sleeps if the ION feature is turned off at all...
  2. oliver_is_the_best_birb

    Should I get an air purifier?

    I have a limit of 98$ to spend on bird things (Yes, I have to make myself a limit) in this month. So, I can either spend it all now on a new air purifier or borrow one from a friend, and still have money for toys. Now, I know that sounds dumb because I can just take it from my friend, but...
  3. D

    Is this Air purifier safe?

    I was thinking about getting an Airfree T800 air purifier for my small room with the birds. It does not use ionizing at all. It uses thermodynamic technology and doesn't use replacement filters. It also reduces ozone by 26%. Is it safe for birds?
  4. Darkly_Innocent

    Air Purifier Recommendations

    I've been doing some research into getting an air purifier for the small room I have my Clover (Crimson Bellied Conure) in. I've read about the ion feature being bad for birds. I'm hoping some of y'all that have air purifiers can give me some good recommendations as I want to make sure my little...
  5. P

    Do I need to pre-run new air purifier?

    I ordered an air purifier that's supposed to arrive tomorrow. It's an Austin Air with HEPA filter and doesn't have an ionizer and releases no ozone. Is this something I need to run for a few days away from the birds before it's safe to use around them? And if so, how long do I need to run it...
  6. happycat

    How to remove scents and cleaning products from a house & udjust pets to moving

    How to remove scents and cleaning products from a house & adjust pets to moving Might sound confusing in the title so let me explain a bit better. We are moving to an apartment but we can only get in in a couple of weeks so in the mean time we are living in my dad's condo. He is leaving...
  7. happycat

    Good air purifier for an apartment?

    We are moving to an apartment and I need recommendations of a good air purifier for my kakariki under 100 dollars. Thanks :yellow1: (Note: I need to buy it today so I cant order it)
  8. comparebest

    What Rabbit Air filter to pick for my situation

    I have 6 parrots in my 300 sq feet living room : 3 parakeets and 3 cockatiels.:grey::blue2: Cockatiels are extremely dusty and room gets filled with dust in a matter of a week after a thorough cleaning. I saw a lot of threads here on forum praising Rabbit Air purifiers, and that's the brand I...