air quality

  1. A

    New Home and Appliances - Safe?

    1) I’m moving from my parents’ into a new manufactured home next week. I’m concerned about using a brand new heating system and new appliances, that they may emit toxins that could hurt my budgies. I was planning on keeping the birds at my parents’ for a couple weeks while I use the appliances...
  2. H

    Outdoor air quality

    I currently live in a flat and I don't have a garden which means I don't get to take my birds outside as much as I want. However I am now looking to move to a house and the plan is to build an aviary that is joined to the house, accessible by a back door or something, so that in the summer my...
  3. Darkly_Innocent

    Air Purifier Recommendations

    I've been doing some research into getting an air purifier for the small room I have my Clover (Crimson Bellied Conure) in. I've read about the ion feature being bad for birds. I'm hoping some of y'all that have air purifiers can give me some good recommendations as I want to make sure my little...
  4. A

    Laser Printer Toxicity??

    I can't find any information on pet birds and laser printers. My bird (Green Cheek Conure) lives in the same room as my computer. We just bought a used, professional sized laser printer at a garage sale. This is a scanner, fax, copier, printer. It is a tabletop version of the large ones you see...