1. J

    Please help make parrots recognized ESAs. Some of us rely on their intelligence to help with physical pain.

    Hey there. I'm new here--I've lurked for years, but I've got a conure, a cockatiel, a lovebird, a medical degree, and a neurological disease where emotional distress causes me physical pain. I know your birds matter to you, and I know for many of you, you wouldn't want anything to separate you...
  2. Savoy61

    airline approved in cabin carrier recomendations

    Hello. I need to fly with my two amazons across country. (CA to VA) a Lilic Crown and and Orange wing (both over 30 yrs) I had obtained a hard sided carrier but it turns out it is just a few inches too big. I hesitate to get a soft sided carrier as I am terrified it will either collapse on the...
  3. S

    Airline approved cages for Budgies

    I have my 5 month old budgie relocating with me to Sweden soon and was wondering if anyone had travel crate/accessories recommendations. I'll be on United Airline and then SAS :greenyellow:
  4. WannaBeAParrot

    Flying on airplane with bird.

    Should I or shouldn't I? My choice - taking Pritti (male cherry-headed conure, 30 years old, about 14" long) with me vs. boarding him at his avian-only vet, where they have nice cages, sweetest staff and vet let them hang out on individual nice perches daily til office closes for the day...