1. Jayanne

    Sick, malting, or tired??

    Hi everyone, I have a Jenday Conure named Alfie. I've had him for almost 4 months, and he is my first conure. There are so many questions I have about conure raising, but today the one that I'm most concerned about is one involving a weird tic he's had for about 2 days. He's been suddenly...
  2. Jayanne

    Julie and Aflie

    Hey everyone! My name is Julie, and for about 2 months now I've been the proud (and slightly bruised) owner of my Jenday Conure, Alfie. Alfie is loud, moody, bossy, and completely adorable. I'm gonna say he get's it from me. At least the loud bossy part! When I'm not hanging out with Alfie I'm...