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amazon care

  1. Lexi_035

    Adopting an Amazon in need

    Hello! I have recently come across an Amazon parrot in need of a home! She is still quite young and is wild caught and was raised with nestum here in Mexico. She has quite a sad story, but the owner has finally decided to give her away to a new family, I'm the one chosen to get her. The problem...
  2. S

    Getting my first Amazon! Help!

    Hi! I am getting my first Amazon but she won’t be ready for about 7 weeks or so still. I was told I should get my Amazon in the same sex as my galah because they are different species, is there a reason for this? Is it even true? Just want to do right by my birds. also what is the best size...
  3. N

    HELP! I want to make things right w/ my 11 year old Amazon...

    Okay, first of all, I apologize. I know that some people might get angry with my post, and you have full right to be. I am angry with myself too. Now let's start with a little bit of background: 11 years ago my father bought a yellow headed Amazon, his name is Oliver! He was just a baby. He...
  4. bostralian

    Persistent very bad behavior

    Hi, I've had my amazon parrot for 3 years. He is 4 years old. I let him fly most of the time when I'm home (4-6 hours a day), I always talk to him, I always buy him new toys so he doesn't get bored, I give him a fresh and varied diet, but he NEVER listens. I live in an antique house, and he...
  5. N

    Parrot-Sitting Advice, Please!

    Hello everyone! I just signed up for this forum in hopes that I can get some swift advice. I am currently watching over two parrots while a friend of my roommate's sister moves out of state. She estimates she will need me to watch them for a few months but is also open to permanent adoption...