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  1. S

    Getting my first Amazon! Help!

    Hi! I am getting my first Amazon but she won’t be ready for about 7 weeks or so still. I was told I should get my Amazon in the same sex as my galah because they are different species, is there a reason for this? Is it even true? Just want to do right by my birds. also what is the best size...
  2. J

    Time for a light topic, what does your Bird love to eat???

    So I got home from work, let Pedro, my Yellow Headed Amazon, out of his cage and started whipping up some Hot Chocolate (it's snowing and cold here in Colorado) as soon as I started to stir the chocolate into the milk Pedro appeared on my shoulder pecking at my ear demanding his share! He...
  3. D

    Please Help me I'm confused

    hello everyone ..... how r u ? this is the first post from me and I want your help cuz I expect that u all have experience with parrots in general.... My name is Majed and I'm from KSA (kingdom of oil) looooool my country almost all parrots are expensive for example ( african gray 1200...
  4. A

    how to introduce another bird to the family

    Hi all :) earlier this year i got a baby amazon and I've been trying to get her acquainted with my 1 yr old orange winged amazon, they're both the same species and since i received her as a baby i've never really let her gone anywhere close to him because I was afraid he might attack her ...
  5. Jmonkey1708

    Is it possible to have hybrid amazons?

    I have a Mexican redheaded amazon and when I show him videos of other parrots he doesn't have much of a reaction but when i play videos of blue fronted amazons he loves it. I'm just curious.
  6. Jennamilito


    What's a good food to feed an amazon? Pellets? Seeds? Fruit? I'm at a loss. There is an overwhelming amount of info online and I can't find something satisfying.
  7. L

    Hello everyone!

    What a great site! I am the proud mommy of Logan an 8 yr old female Dbl Yellow headed Amazon - Magna Logan is a very busy girl and most days I spend either chasing or entertaining her, thank God I work from home! Lately her thing is going under bathroom sink and "nesting" she won't stop and...
  8. F

    New Article: Did Parrots Lead Columbus to the New World?

    Hi All, The beauty, intelligence and talking abilities of parrots have long endeared them to us as pets. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all kept parrots, and seemed to hold them in high regard. An oft-repeated story suggests that parrots, most likely one of the Amazons, may have...