1. Bomber Yna

    Bomber Yna

    26 Year old Male Yellow Nape Amazon
  2. Bomber Yna

    Bomber Yna

    This is Bomber a male 26 yr old YNA. I hate to admit this, but he is my favorite, we always say "don't tell the others". I know from his previous owner that he was a hand fed/hand raised as a baby. He's been with me over 20 years.
  3. Disney


    Disney, 12 year-old, BFA
  4. A

    advice on migrating

    Hi all, I am dental hygiene student currently completing my degree here in Trinidad and I am considering moving abroad to practice afterwards and continue my education.My question is does anyone have any advice with regards to immigrating to Canada or any country in general ? I have been...
  5. Mickey


    My Parrot
  6. Birdjoy

    Inherited Stanley; The family Parrot

    Hi all! Thank you first for reading this and hopefully giving excellent feedback. My best friend and I have just inherited her life long family Parrot, Stanley. He had been housed with their grandmother which neglected him, screamed at him, and threw cups of water on him, for over a 15 year...
  7. Spring Fever

    Spring Fever

    My Amazon loves to be outdoors, sitting in a crab apple tree with the flowers....Spring fever maybe.
  8. ann

    scarlet macaws and amazons bad rap

    is it just me or do scarlet macaws and amazons get an undeserved bad reputation? :green1::green::red:
  9. W

    new OW owner

    :green:Hello everyone. Newbie here to this forum. I just adopted (2 months ago) a 16 year old male (supposedly, no DNA papers or leg band) OW amazon named Peppi. I was told he is aprox 16 years old and has had 4 owners so far. (I plan to be his last move/owner) When I got him he had never been...