1. psitticine

    Range Oven

    Hi all! My boyfriend and I are looking for a new rental home, and hoping to sign a lease for one we just looked at. The only thing is that it has a range oven, and I'm concerned about the gas. I know about teflon and toxic fumes coming off of cookware, so I buy very carefully, but I'm concerned...
  2. LauraC

    HELP - Driving Myself Crazy - Kitchen Appliances

    HELP!!! I am down to the wire of having to pick kitchen appliances (fridge, slide in range/oven, dishwasher, microwave). I can’t decide on the brand. And when I ask if they are bird safe, the salespeople look at me like I am crazy. Would love to know what brand forum members have (i.e...
  3. M

    Which hairdryer?

    Hello! I would like to buy a hairdryer.It would be nice if it is wouldnt be too expensive. Can you recommend me some?
  4. V

    Bird-safe toaster oven and other appliances

    I'm bringing home a new eclectus in a few weeks and have spent much of the last couple days researching bird-safe toaster ovens, hair dryers, flat irons, etc. I'm not feeling very confident that I can rely on the advice being handed out by the companies (at least the ones I've talked to), so...