avian vet

  1. M

    Ringneck medicine

    Is animec oral 1% 1.5 ml per litre ok for my 2-3 year old indian ringneck?
  2. MelloYello

    Vets in Austin area

    Does anyone know any reputable vets around Austin? Thank you in advance! Have a lovely day!
  3. birbsRcool

    Is this normal?!

    This dot on his cere actually looks something like a cut, the picture quality isn't good, sorry- and that white line around his cere and beak looks like skin? like you know if you have a cut on your finger and there's like white curled up/dead skin there? It's also ON his beak. That. He/she is...
  4. L

    My budgie is very ill and avian vet did not help

    My 1 year old male budgie Aleksi suddenly took a bad turn on Saturday. Out of nowhere he started gagging and throwing up white liquid, which later turned into just throwing up whole seeds. I had to wait until tuesday to get him to an avian vet because of memorial day. Those 2 days after...
  5. Sheeji

    Parrot owners in Saudi

    Hiya, I am new to the forum. Already loving it and finding it very useful. We have a 9 month old Congo African Grey. Our first bird ever. He's not taking yet. He is such a clever bird and we absolutely love him. We haven't found an avian vet in our area not sure if there are any. We take him to...
  6. WannaBeAParrot

    Please Share: What Does Your Vet Do During Exam?

    When you bring your conure in for his/her annual or semi-annual physical exam, what does your vet do? I was reading a thread today about 60 year old discovered to have have glaucoma and cataracts, and that had a full exam under anesthesia to check for diabetes etc. Doe your avian vet do an...