1. M

    URGENT Avian vet West London Needed

    Hi all, My green cheek conure was badly bitten by my jack russell earlier and is in a very bad shape. He is not able to stand, barely keeping his eyes open, not drinking water, not eating food. Every now and then he will flap his wings violently then will calm down again. He has two wounds on...
  2. G

    Avian DNA training

    I'm trying to find where I can get training for avian sex DNA training.:grey::greenyellow:
  3. PenClem

    Is there a list of all CAVs online?

    I'm having trouble finding a list of all current Certified Avian Veterinarians online. Is there such a thing? If so, where might I find it? All I'm finding are Vets who are members of the American Association of Avian Veterinarians, and it seems like those are a dime a dozen. I'm willing to...
  4. WannaBeAParrot

    Florida anyone?

    Some local folks are interested in forming a parrot / avian club in Palm Beach County. There are currently no active clubs that I could find like this in PBC, but there are so many people with companion birds in the area. A nice local mom & pop pet store owner said she would be supportive in...
  5. ClancyTheAmazon

    Update Of Our Boy Clancy :)

    Hey Friends! We Have Been Working On Behavior Training For The Past Couple Months & Boy What A Difference It Makes!!! Thought I Would Share Our New Video Of Our Clancy Performing Some Tricks! He Has Learned How To Spin & Shake On Command! I Swear He Looks Forward To It! Anyone With Parrot...
  6. ann

    NY parrot conusltant

    hey guys, as some of you know i am re homing Oscar, my patigonian conure. My plan is to train him as best as i can untill i find a home for him. the amount of progress he makes in that time will determine if re homing is still the best option for him. I really think a avian consultant is my best...