baby lorikeet

  1. M

    Help me with 6.5 week old lorikeet please!

    Hi everyone, I've had a rainbow lorikeet now since 28 December 2023 and we got it 4-5 weeks old. I've previously handreared a Quaker parrot (i know they're different to look after just showing i have had experience at this). However i'm just wanting some tips as i know lorries are completly...
  2. J

    Unstable, but not Critical

    Hi everyone, Welcome to my first ever post on a forum. I am not very experienced with raising birds so please excuse me if I am ignorant in some of these matters. I have broken down this post in to the backstory, the problems faced and the questions i would like to have answered. Also, a big...
  3. Jamie_95

    What to feed my baby Lorikeet

    As some of you already know, i found a baby Lorikeet yesterday and have been caring for him. I was researching pictures last night of other baby lorries, and he looks about 5 - 6 weeks old. But i'm not 100% sure so i'll post a picture soon :cool: I've been feeding him honey from my finger, and...