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  1. R

    Looking for feather photos

    Hi there folks, I'm making a card game about Aesop's vain crow/jackdaw - gathering all types of feathers and dressing himself up. I have found heaps of pictures of peacock feathers, pheasant feathers... now am trying to do other suits of cards, particularly macaw and Eclectus parrot. Next I will...
  2. veimar

    Weird funny behavior

    My lovely first GCC is about 5-6 mo old and very well tempered. :green2: He can be moody sometimes, but overall he is very sweet. Recently he started doing this funny thing - he usually sits on the top perch, and as soon as I approach the cage he would go towards we to the end of the perch...
  3. Doves1

    Question about Training

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone out there could give me advice on training my Scarlet Macaw to lay on his back? When he was just a baby he would with no problem but then at around 5 months old I took him to be DNA tested and they laid him on his back while they took the blood, since then I...