bar spacing

  1. Cottonoid

    Cage sizing question for ARN

    I don't know if this warrants its own thread here rather than my current Ringneck thread but I didn't easily find one after searching the forum. For anyone who's had an African Ringneck, would you recommend following bar spacing for a cockatiel? Or bigger like a conure? My little guy just seems...
  2. P

    Safe Jenday Bar Spacing?

    The holidays are almost upon us and I love to get my pets gifts as well. I'd like up upgrade my Jenday from the cage he's in. It's literally my old RAT cage; a 32"H x 17" D x 22" L cage with 1/4 inch spacing. It's not like it's not a bad size for him, but I'd like something that's more...
  3. K

    Bar Spacing for Blue throated Macaw

    Greetings! We're ordering a cage from Expandable Habitats and wanted to know your thoughts on bar spacing for a 6 month old Blue Throated Macaw. Trisha said she thought 1 3/8" spacing should work for the cage but I'm unsure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for...