1. M

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :(

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :( Advice please. My CAG Zelda is just over 2 years old. Always very happy and active. I make sure she has lots of out-of-cage time and plenty of interaction, and when she is in her cage she has a variety of toys for chewing and foraging. I also give...
  2. B

    is he overpreening or plucking (vet appt already made) what should I ask vet (PIC)?

    His appointment is on Tuesday, please send good thoughts :15:. My GCC Leo is about 2 years old (hatch day around mid Feb 2018). I don't know his sex for sure but just refer to him as a boy. His diet is mostly pellets/seeds with limited fruit (oranges, apples, raspberries, blueberries). I am...
  3. Uglow

    Uglow started barbering. Cautiously optimistic.

    Little homie started barbering. 2 days ago we woke up with a bunch of these at the bottom of his cage. It looked bad. and my wife and I were devastated. I took his cage and tree stand apart and gave everything a deep clean and rearranged everthing. Made him a brand new batch of food leaving...
  4. K

    Mowing feathers help.

    So I took Lilly to the vet in April, and he told me the reason she was clipping her own feathers was possibly a mixture of/either an infection, hormones and attention seeking. Shes taken her antibiotics for a few weeks. But she's still clipping off the wing feathers... Here's a photo: He...
  5. mwright1972

    Cockatoo chewing not plucking - Need Advice

    I have had Bob (Umbrella Cockatoo) for 2 months. He is now 9 months old. I work so he stays at home everyday in his very large "Macaw size" cage full of toys and chats it up with Marley (sun conure). They are the best of friends. They stay in different cages when I am not home but love to be...