1. Milkteeth

    Superb/Barraband parrot help!

    Hi all!! So… I stumbled into 2 superb parrots today! A kind customer from my work invited me and another coworker over- she has to move soon, and is slowly rehoming her birds to make this easier. When I came in and began speaking to her, she immediately showed me her two Barrabands, and was...
  2. A

    Do Superb parrots use toes for eating food?

    I have a yellow sided-green cheek conure, he can use his toes for eating food or holding some toys. I like Superb parrot, and I wonder whether the parrots can use their toes or not like other parrots have the toe-skills. I couldn't find any information about superb's toe-skill, I am waiting...