1. Jesse_EG

    Smelly Poops, Lots of tests, No Answers

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had smelly poops that vets have had a hard time diagnosing and what they did to get back to normal. My African Grey (CAG) has been with us for about 6 years now and he is about 12. In June we had a full physical and wellness exam that he came out with...
  2. T

    Shaking & quiet

    Hi everyone! First post here. My 2 year old sun conure, Zazu seems a bit puffy these days. On top of that she does seem to be shaking/quivering a bit like she’s cold but my apartment is a good temp. She stayed overnight and had blood work at the avian vet this past weekend. Everything came...
  3. edgarsmommy

    Is baytril safe?

    So Edgar my BG Macaw went to the vet (for sneezing head shaking and not eating much) and he ran cultures that have yet to come back but prescribed Baytril (tablets) and Bene-bac plus in the meantime and also gave him a shot of Baytril before he came home. He threw up for a few hours after coming...
  4. E

    Sudden self-mutilation during incubation in Green cheek conure

    Hello all, New here, and shocked by my 10 year old hand-reared Green cheeked conure suddenly mutilating herself in her nestbox. I wondered if anyone had any knowledge of anything similar happening elsewhere? I'm sorry this is a bit of a long post but I thought I'd give as much detail as...