b&g macaw

  1. Steve rizzon


  2. B

    Hello! Just got my first bird!

    Just got Snuggles the Blue and Gold Macaw (yes we know that?s a weird name). My family and I got him from my grandparents who couldn?t take care of him anymore. He?s around 30 years old and not in the best shape. We just gave him his first bath in about a decade. We?re trying to wean him off of...
  3. P

    So we brought Max home....

    So I was out searching CL for a cage for my Parakeets (I dropped their new one and broke a corner) and someone posted a B&G in my little town and was giving him away. It was JUST posted so I called her. The poor parrot was in a nasty cage, his chest is plucked, wings are chewed and he lived on...
  4. Mama4life

    How do u tell if ur bird has a fever?

    My B&G's face is warmer than I've ever felt it. His face is still white and he is still very very active... he is still eating, poop looks fine... is it just me being paranoid? :blue1:
  5. Birdlover1

    Macaw bite and Questions.

    Tonight I made a bad mistake.I let Echo stay up past his bedtime out of his cage while I got my bath.After my bath I decided it was time for him to go to bed.I went to his cage and told him to go in but he wouldn't and was getting cranky.I put my hand on the cage door like a normally due to...