bird cage

  1. Rico_Tiel

    Old and goofy bird cage thread!

    This is a thread where you can share old bird cages or some really goofy looking cages. This is just to look at the past and appreciate how far we have come in the husbandry of our avian friends! Or just to laugh at silly looking cages! Both are very much welcomed here. Here’s what I have found:
  2. J

    My bird start crying whenever i put her to sleep!!! What do i do?

    Hello i need help in what im suppose to do when i place her to sleep. I'm new in taking care of a bird. Her name is Phoenix she's a green cheek conure and is three months old. During the day she's outside of her cage and hardly makes noise. She super friendly and cuddle, likes being around me...
  3. Jedig

    Non-toxic bird cages

    I had noticed that my lovebird has been urinating frequently and in big amounts. I took him to the vet a few days ago and they took x-rays which showed that he has small pieces of metal inside his body. I was absolutely shocked and devastated at the same time. He is currently at the vet...
  4. GracelynNBirds

    Need help with galah cage

    Hello everyone, I need help with finding a galah cage. I have been looking into this cage, but I could go bigger, and I could go higher in the price range, but I'm looking for is around the 500 price range. ;)...