bird not eating

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    Help needed Indian Ringneck Parrot not eating

    Hello beautiful members, i hope you and your precious floofs are doing great. I recently ( almost 1.5 month ago) rescued an Indian Ringneck (Teemo) from a parrot mill where he was being kept in a very cramped cage with many other birds. The shopkeeper gave him to me for free saying he didnt have...
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    Green cheek conure possible Bumblefoot

    Hello everyone, I’m reaching out today with deep concern for my 7-year-old green cheek conure. Recently, he’s been facing a severe issue with his left foot, and I’m desperately seeking advice and insights from fellow bird lovers. The Situation: • My conure can’t stand on his left foot...
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    Eclectus parrot not eating

    I have a four month old female eclectus parrot named Emu and today she hasn't been eating as much as she usually does. We have had her for just over a week and she had been eating fruits, seeds and veggies. Today she started eating as usual and then stopped. Since this morning she has been very...