bird proofing

  1. S


    Hi again all! I am finally able to get my Green Cheek Conure! She will be named my precious little "Noellah" but before then Ive been working like crazy to make sure my living space is as safe as can be! Ive already removed the few toxic/dangerous things found HERE and HERE from my home, and...
  2. A

    New owner requesting advice

    Hi there! So i've recently set my eyes on owning a green cheek conure but i have never owned a parrot before. I have been reading alot about parrots, mostly about their diets and toxic fumes and have watched plenty of videos. i was just wondering if i can get a few tips on getting prepared on...
  3. ZephyrTK


    Based on the FAQ from the company, how would you proceed? My bird's sleep cage will be upstairs and I am planning on moving him there whenever I cook to be safe. Would you think this is safe to use in the house while he is upstairs, door closed and window open? I raise exotic birds and have...