bird sitter

  1. ARochester

    Volunteering as a parakeets sitter in NYC

    Hi everyone, this is Tai, 25 yrs old, a parakeet owner and lover. I am willing to offer free bird hosting and sitting to bird owners who need to travel or not be at home for a few days:-) The reason why I can do this is that I'm crazy about birds and really want to have one. But because I'm a...
  2. H

    Private rescuer Mojave CA

    :grey: :gcc: :57: Hi thanks for having me❣️ My name is Toni and I am a private rescuer and BirdSitter. In the year since I have moved to Mojave I have converted an old barn into a magnificent aviary so my babies can stretch their wings in nice weather. I take in birds and give them a loving...